Talks of Clint Dempsey moving back into the Premiership during the MLS off season are nothing new but if any club is to make a move for the American international, time is fast approaching in terms of making a decision. The 30 year old headed back to the States after just one season at White Hart Lane but issues for Spurs in front of goal have predictably regenerated talks of a temporary return.

According to some sources, if Clint is looking at a loan stint back in England then Tottenham have first refusal on a man they sold to Seattle Sounders in the summer.

“Clint’s contract allows him to go on loan for the off-season,” said Sounders general manager Adrian Hanauer.

“All parties are working on a deal and we won’t be surprised if it happens.”

Along with Spurs, the media are citing another former club – Fulham – as a possible destination, along with Aston Villa, who took Robbie Keane previously, and Everton.

Dempsey finished his brief Tottenham career with 12 goals from 43 games and while he received a fair amount of criticism, his knack of contributing vital strikes in tight games – Man City, Stoke, Man United twice – was a welcome one.

So, in view of Tottenham’s current issues in front of goal, would you be tempted to take Clint Dempsey back?




  1. I’m not totally against it, if we had injuries then yes.

    Where does he play and who’s place does he take? We are very loaded in Midfield so right now he is not required for me.

  2. I guess if its easy and cheap yes,. Otherwise, we should move on! – We have signed a lot of players, Lamela needs more time!! Its bad enough seing Gylf on the left without Clint there gain 🙁 – Lets have some bloody width and pace!!

    • agree with all the players out except dembele he is a good player if avb plays him in his true position behind the strikers as an attacking midfielder not a holding player

  3. Definitely NOT!
    Whilst grateful fo his goals, he contributed virtually nothing to the team’s play.
    He also proved to me that he cannot play as a striker, ie with his back to goal.

  4. Spurs fans 8 goals in 11 games with Europe dream fading is something no one would have expected this year. Why not take Dempsey back in a free loan. Dempsey works best in space linking up with forwards which is the exact thing Spurs is lacking right now. Yes he is old and not athletic or as skilled as the young studs on Spurs yet he has always found a way thru hustle hard work and BELIEF. All the new signings could learn a thing or two from a guy who has had a huge success in the Prem with marginal natural talent. A huge goal at the right moment could change the season for Spurs and why not call on Deuce for a month or two

  5. Yea I would in a heartbeat, no he isn’t the greatest but he gets goals.. As for dembele behind the striker..
    That’s a giant NO for me he isn’t better than eriksen/holtby/or lamela IMHO at that role tbh he wodnt make my starting 11 either sandro and paulinho as holding for me.


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