For the next 24 hours or so, focus will be on Tottenham’s final Europa League group match of the campaign and our attempts to seal a 100% record ahead of the knockout stages which begin next year. After Anzhi, comes a big game against Liverpool which could confirm a return to form after the Manchester City hammering or it could just highlight some perceived issues around the club.

Liverpool may prove to be one of our biggest rivals for a top four place this season and while the Reds are still prone to surprise results – Southampton and Hull City are the two examples – Brendan Rodgers’ side is far more consistent at the start of 2013-14.

As the week has developed however, an injury crisis in the middle of the park has left some to suggest that it’s a good time to be playing them. Jordan Henderson is the latest player to join a growing absentee list that includes Steven Gerrard, Luis Enqrique and Daniel Sturridge.

From those names, Sturridge is probably the biggest miss but that still leaves the small problem of Luis Suarez. With 14 goals in 11 games this season and five in his last two, it won’t be a good time to face the Reds unless something happens to the Uruguayan between now and Sunday.




  1. Liverpool’s away form is not as good as their home form, Hull City recently being a case in point. Given the absentees in their team, this has become a must win match for us. We all know that we haven’t beaten a top 10 side this season, so we have our best chance to correct this statistic. We are effectively playing against only Suarez and Coutinho to a lesser extent. If we really want to be a top 4 side then we should be able to take care of this severely weakened Liverpool team. COYS!

  2. I just hope that AVB accepts he’s proved his point with the Europa League and plays a load of kids and fringers.

    We need as many first teamers fit and rested to face Liverpoo. Let’s not forget they don’t have any euro football this year.

    Whatever team they put out won’t be carrying knocks, will be fully refreshed and will have had all week together to prepare for this one,.

    With this in mind, AVB needs to do himself a favour and play kids fringers right through the starting 11, along with run-outs for the likes of Rose Eriksen etc who may be fit/included in Sunday squad and can do with the minutes.

    Line-up for Russian Mob:
    GK – Friedel
    LFB – Fryers (Give Rose a run out, either 45 or less)
    LCB – Yoof
    RCB – Dawson
    RFB – Naughton
    DMF – Capoue
    CMF – Holtby
    AMF – Sigg
    LWF – Chadli
    RWF – Lamela
    CF – Soldao/Defoe/Ade***
    ***They all need mins and goals so doesnt really matter which of these he picks.
    WTF is going on with Adebeyor?…. AGAIN?? – Is it him or AVB that’s out of line? – We don’t know,..
    But I do know I’m f*****g fed up with our only actual CF option being paid £170K PER WEEK to do FUCK ALL!!!!!!!!

  3. Psst! Suarez will nutmeg your defenders and Cou10ho will be supplying the ammunition.. Allen & Moses have a point to prove so u know what to xpect from them. Where is your confidence dripping from? U sold your little overhyped Bale, so? You are done! Hahahah

    • Shut it you bindipper cunt. Your a bunch of fags spurs arw going to rip you freaks apart and kick you skanky scousers all the way back to Skank land. Your shit.

    • So overhyped Mr Thicko Bindipper that hes scored around 10 goals and as many assists…a hattrick in one game i believe…and our confidence has come from your crap midfield, shit away record and the FACT that….we generally smash you at the lane.

  4. If Liverpool had SAS I think they would’ve beaten Spurs cause them two were scoring nearly every match and Spurs haven’t but with Sturridge injured it’s the players coming in that are complete pants (Sterling & Moses & Aspas) all give the ball away for fun and just encourage the other team by doing that. Rodgers should see Spurs aren’t scoring much and get his team to sit back, counter-attack and make it tough for them to break us down but unfortunately Rodgers doesn’t use tactics and lets his players run around and do whatever they want which is attack. Suarez was given his second goal against the hammers so has 15 goals in 11 and six in his last two but even the best players need the other players to help him but who is gonna help him? Allen? Sterling? Moses? Lucas? that’s a big fat no! they’ll leave everything up to him as usual and Spurs players will gang up on Suarez like Hull did and take away our only threat.

  5. Liverpool HAD the so called ‘SAS’ playing and on form last season, and Spurs went up to Anfield (without Kaboul, Lennon, Sandro, Adebayor,etc) and gave them a football lesson (until Walker, Defoe and BAE decided to push the self-destruct button).

    Spurs have a better team (although Liverpool have CLEARLY improved),and a better squad. Why anyone would think Spurs should have anything to fear playing against Liverpool (with, or without, Gerrard and Sturridge) is beyond me!

  6. If we put in a good performance and retain the ball well we can beat liverpool. Sounds crazy but its about scoring more than them ! Goals at home have been an issue and i think he’ll play defoe with dembele and paulinho given license to go forward. Boys due a few goals, we create chances and i hope this is the week everything goes in. COYS.


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