Tim Sherwood has been confirmed as Tottenham’s new head coach with a deal that will take him up to the end of the 2014-15 campaign. The club made the announcement last night and it included the following quotes from Chairman Daniel Levy,

“We were extremely reluctant to make a change mid-season, but felt we had to do so in the Club’s best interests.

“We have a great squad and we owe them a Head Coach who will bring out the best in them and allow them to flourish and enjoy a strong, exciting finish to the season.

“We are in the fortunate position of having within our Club a talented coach in Tim Sherwood.

“We believe Tim has both the knowledge and the drive to take the squad forward.”

Steffen Freund, Les Ferdinand and Chris Ramsey also stay at Spurs but what do you think of this latest chapter in our great club’s managerial history?




  1. 442 ain’t the way forward bad choice wuda rather had Hoddle til season end then van gaal. Altho 18month deal and laudrup has 18months left says e wont break a contract Coincidence or next boss??

  2. I get the impression that Sherwood will look good for about as long as Adebayor performs well. If the big fella starts to lose interest, or goes off the boil for an extended period, then I wonder if Sherwood will be left scratching his head for a “Plan B”. When Sandro and Paulinho return, will this 4-4-2 formation reduce the likes of Eriksen and Holtby to fringe players? If Soldado keeps firing blanks, Defoe leaves for Canada and Adebayor’s form dips, to whom do we turn to lead the line? Best thing we can do is to accumulate as many points as quickly as we can – before our inevitable late-season slump occurs. It may be, however, that Levy realises a top-4 finish is pie-in-the-sky wishful thinking, this season – in which case, a lot of the pressure that was on AVB’s head will have been lifted from Sherwood’s. What this is, of course, is a return to Harry. Call it “Harry Mk II”, if you like – after all, the coaches (Sherwood and Ferdinand) were both brought back to the Club, to learn how to coach, by Harry, himself.

  3. Lots of defeatist talk amongst the ranks ! Perhaps it is Harry Mk II – out and out attacking play, but this time we have the best goal keeper in the league and a rejuvenated Ade (which will last with a good relationship with the manager) and a fast recovering Soldier up front – we can’t go wrong !!!!!

    I reckon we finish 3rd and if we had stayed with AVB 11th.

  4. Surely if Levy was convinced that Sherwood was absolutely the right man for the job, he would have been announced on the 16th December. I think he will do well but, again, not well played Levy.

  5. at least be look more exciting against southampton just need to play with a holding midfielder and we could do ok at least we are avb free thank fuck for that how we ever employed him in the start is beyond me.

  6. I don’t know much about football tactics, but one thing I do know is that Spurs for once this entire season looked like they could actually score at will in the game against Southampton. If Lloris starts using better judgment, that’s a goal a game less we will be conceding. Bring back Jan in the middle and have Sandro play in front of the defense and we solidify defensively. So 4-4-2 doesn’t look too bad. And if you’re not playing two strikers, then play Lamela right behind the lone striker and I think his creativity will open up the defenses. But for god’s sake, whatever formation you play, push the ball forward. Not the back passing we had under AVB.


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