Tim Sherwood was quickly installed as Spurs’ new head coach but if he fails to deliver a string of positive results in a short space of time, there will undoubtedly be some criticism of his appointment.

Daniel Levy chose to give Sherwood the job – his first in management – and rightly or wrongly, questions will be asked from a section of fans as to why a more experienced coach wasn’t put in charge.

However, the man himself doesn’t see his own inexperience as an obstacle to getting the best out of this side.

“It’s a gamble because I’ve never done it before,” Tim  said.

“But there are a lot of good managers who had never done it before and become a success.

“I was never a professional footballer until I stepped on to the field.”

Sherwood also acknowledged that we should be taking three points from sides such as West Brom,

“The fans will be disappointed, obviously. I understand that,” he added.

“We are at home and with respect, against West Brom you should be winning.

“It’s a game we should have won. We should have played better and we are capable of playing better.

“I thought we could be a bit more adventurous around the penalty box and show a little more guile.”

To turn that round to a positive – Spurs are unbeaten in the league under Tim Sherwood. The key is getting this talented bunch of new faces to play as a unit together and if he can do that, age and experience should be no barrier to the coach having a successful spell in charge.




  1. Been more entertained the last 2 games than the previous 20 thank guck that idiot avb has gone the bloke was a total clown just as he was at chelsea.


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