The big news for Spurs is that Emmanuel Adebayor is fit and ready to face his old club as Tottenham prepare to take on Arsenal in the third round of the FA Cup. Ade was stretchered off in the win at Old Trafford on Wednesday and looked at that point to be set for a long spell on the sidelines but Head Coach Tim Sherwood pointed towards simple cramp as the reason for his withdrawal.

“I spoke to Ade after United and he said he cramped up in all areas, some where he’d never cramped before, so he wasn’t sure if he had strains or pulls, but thankfully it has settled down, he’s had some great treatment and he’s ready to perform,” Sherwood said.

Elsewhere, we could see Jermain Defoe, Lewis Holtby and Andros Townsend having some involvement as all three returned to training.

“We’ll have to assess how far forward they are with their endurance, because the last thing we’d want is for one of them to take a strain and then they are out for another four, five weeks. We’ve big games after this as well, so we’ll be cautious with them,” he added.

A number of players are out – Sandro, Paulinho, Sigurdsson, Lamela, Kaboul, Vertonghen and Naughton so it’s an interesting one to call. Will Tim change things around with limited personnel for the FA Cup?

Here’s our best guess but what’s your view?



  1. I dnt care who we are playing this is the 3rd round of a trophy that is nothing in comparison to our top 4 hopes. Lets hope we dont go “gung ho” and get someone important injured

  2. lloris
    walker dawson chiriches rose
    lennon capoue dembele eriksen
    soldado adebayor

    subs: friedel, fryers, fredericks, holtby, chadli, townsend, defoe

  3. Llodris

    Walker Dawson Chiriches Rose

    Chadli Capoue Holtby Sigurdson

    Soldado Defoe

    I know it arsenal but think we should rest Lennon Dembele and eriksen as we can’t afford any more injuries in midfield also think Adebayor may need a rest he work hard the last few weeks and we need him to get us up the table into the top 4 again

  4. Why is everyone suggesting second-string teams? We have a week break after this and it’s to Crystal Palace at home. In order to build our confidence, get our stride going, keep faith in Sherwood then we should field the best side to combat Arsenal. The team against Man United should be that simply because Capoue and Dembele won’t be overpowered by the likes of Flamini and Arteta.

    • Capoue and Dembele won’t be overpowered by the likes of Flamini and Arteta?? Im sorry but last night we were overpowered and overrun by arteta, rosicky and co and hate to say this but with some fantastic arsenal counters and we were dominated for most of the game and that is why i think we need to improve drastically to be a ble to make top 4 this yr.

  5. …………….lloris……………….



  6. And I agree with mark! Ya really can’t count holtby and siggy as second rate players! Stil young and loads of potential, that will only be fully a viewed with game time!

  7. lloris
    walker dawson chiriches rose
    lennon capoue dembele eriksen
    soldado adebayor

    subs: friedel, fryers, fredericks, holtby, chadli, bentaleb,defoe

  8. Lloris

    Walker Dawson Chiriches Rose

    Lennon Capoue Holtby Townsend

    Adebayor Soldado

    Subs: Freidel Fryers Bentaleb Dembele Sigurdsson Eriksen Defoe

  9. No midweek game so either keep with the same side as last week or, as Arse will expect 4-4-2, change it to combat their smothering midfield and perhaps go with:
    Walker, Dawson, Chiriches, Rose
    Capoue, Dembele
    Lennon, Eriksen, Lamela
    Subs Friedel, Soldado, Holtby, Benteleb, Townsend, Defoe, Sigurdsson

  10. Mine would be









  11. If we go 4-4-2 we will lose. Scum always have three in midfield so we will get outnumbered. If he does go 4-4-2 we must revert to a three in central midfield when we don’t have the ball. Hope Townsend is fit but if not put Lennon on the left to track back against walcock! Walker will provide the pace the other side. COYS!

  12. Walker..Dawes…Vlad…Fryers

    Plan to sub Kane for Defoe around 60 minutes to work Defoe (at least temporarily) back into the squad and let Ade rest.

    rest of bench: Friedel, Eriksen, Bentalib, Rose, & Dembele

  13. I tought we draw a team in premier league in fa cup 3rd round?? How did we come up playing against division 2 team?


  14. shitehartlane, THE ARSENAL and Iron Man : one person with multiple ID and very laughable comments. You’re just a disappointed spud, admit it pal.

    You are sick, you should have not taken football too serious. It could make you retarded.

  15. Well…. that sucked. Not the strongest team we could have put out there, but strong none the less, and we got ran out by a mix and match Arsenal squad.

    Not impressed this season at all, it all looks like it’s coming apart now. The only thing we hope to win is the Europa League, and now with Napoli and Juventus it doesn’t look likely as well. Our hope is that they do not take it seriously.

    We have a chance at 4th, though that is not winning anything, it is a mighty achievement for anybody. We can still do it, winning at Old Trafford should have given us some confidence, but this game showed us where we are against a truly good side. Lets bring in a Snjeider or Mata or somebody like that. No more Ericksens and Holtbys who are just good enough.

      • Your right Iron.

        AVB still had that mystique of a club in ascendency, even if we lost big on some occasions. Players like that and may still sense that they can be apart of something with a chance to be really good.

        I fear where we are now, wounded animal, that players will not even notice now. Atleast the big ones. Sigh…


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