The question of Erik Lamela’s proposed loan move continues to hit the headlines and while Spurs were quick to deny any suggestion, reports in today’s press reveal a twist in the story. The Italian media tracked down the player’s father who claimed that the winger is unhappy in England and is desperate to leave White Hart Lane.

“Erik is not happy and wants to go back to Italy,” said Jose Lamela.

“He has been linked with Lazio, but I don’t know anything about this. Could he re-join Roma? I don’t know.”

Lamela Senior then went on to concede that the club aren’t prepared to sanction such a deal.

“Tottenham does not want him to leave in January,” he added.

But now the whole family is getting involved with Erik’s brother denying their father’s claims on Twitter.

It’s all a sideshow to what still seems an unlikely scenario but when Erik Lamela is 100% fit once again, he needs game time and with the league cup and FA cup out of the way, Tim Sherwood needs to look at the league if he is going to use our record signing on a consistent basis.



  1. Simple we have not seen Lamela at his best. We have had two managers who are clueless on how to use him. This lad has the same potential as Bale and I’ll stick my neck out and say he will be better than Bale. Has someone got Sherwoods number or email address. Lamela is and has played the no 10 role also plays on the wing simple! But hey Lennon is so much better!

    • Dino, have you actually seen any of Lamela’s performances??? I’ve watched him from the start and have been reserved in my judgement, but I feel now I can honestly say,that I don’t know why we bought him and what he’ll add to our squad. He’s played against some of the worse teams in Europe and still had only average games at best. Even Chadli has shown more promise than him. He started the game at Villa and even against a very weak Villa team, only looked average. He’s NOTHING like Bale. He’s got no speed, can’t shoot and gives the ball away too easily. Every one of our new signings has shown more promise than Lamela. Send him out on loan to another premiership club or get rid now.

      • Chadli has been better??? Are you serious Chadli is dirt.. Id get rid of Chadli, Siggy and Holtby before I got rid of Lamela.. He scored 16 goals in Serie A last year at 20 YEARS OLD!! Take that into perspective and you say he cant shoot.. Hes not fast hes bloodly faster than that horse Chadli or Siggy.. Im actually on the verge of suicide thinking that there is actually as Spurs fan or even football fan out there that actually thinks Chadli has more potential than Lamela?? The boy has been regularly called up to argentina squads, so in their eyes he has potential to play in the same team as Messi, Aguero, Higuain, Di Maria, etc.. Considering the amount of talented attacking players coming out of Argentina he is considered one of the best by his own countrymen.. The boy cant speak English hes sitting in his house watching trees getting blown away outside his house when hes used to walking around in sunny Rome chatting up sexy moths with Francessco Totti and Danielle De Rossi, now hes getting mugged by heroin addicts walking around with bloody Gylfi Sigurdsson.. Honestly give the bloke a chance hes not even here 6 months, hes only had 3 appearances in the league and has to deal with being the clubs record signing and the pressure of replacing the worlds most expensive player like honestly Id love to see you play against Villa with all that on your back when all your former teammates are going unbeaten in the Serie A.. Oh yeah and did i mention hes TWENTY ONE YEARS OLD!!!!!

          • I love Holtby, one of my favourite players and I believe he has huge potential and is already a quality player and I by no means want him to leave but we need to find a role for him in our team

  2. As per your last blog at the regarding ” Lamela advanced talks ? , this young 21 year old talented player with huge potential and has only been at the club a few months !!! has not had a fair crack in the first team.

    Nacer Chadli has had more time in the 1st team and in my Opinion has done nothing to warrent a play at the moment , but know when in the press is calling him a flop.

    One final point let us remember the kind comments we used to here about Gareth Bale when he signed , that he to was flop , injury prone , a jinx and that spurs should get rid of him , and look were all those negative comments got him , PFA Player of the Year , Young Player of the Year , the last three seasons at spurs , considered one the best players in the world ………….does this story sound a little familar with Erik Lamela ?

  3. Dave G totally disagree with you view on young Erik but that your view , This kid is pure talent and I have been to europa league home games at the lane , this kid is pure talent compared to Chadli who is in my view ordinary at the very least but time will tell on him as it will with Lamela.

    As regards to the Gareth Bale comparison they not same type player bale has far pace in him the Lamela who is slower, but Lamela is technically gifted in own way.

    Were the is similarities is how both player were brought in and view were made rather quickly aboutboth players …………and we all know how Gareth Bale developed !!

    An hopefully the same with Erik Lamela with encouragement 😉


  4. what is the point of loaning him back to italy??

    i have not been that impressed with what i have seen, but if we are to be patient, he must a) get used to used the strength and pace of playing in the premiership and b) learn the language

    we know he will do ok back in the italian league, which is palyed at a slower pace……our choices are 1) sell for anywhere near the 30m we paid 2) persist with him at spurs or 3) loan him out to another (lower league) premiership team

    i would favour number 3 – getting a game every week may be the making of him & look what it did for townsend as a player last year

  5. Perhaps we should loan Lamela to QPR with the proviso that we get 1st choice of Remy in summer.I feel however that the young player is getting too much stick from us.In the Europa cup I would like to see a partnership between Soldado and Lamela tried longterm.A question for Mr Levy”Is it your intention to sell Vertonghen this summer?”If you fail to sign a QUALITY left back and continue to push Ver to that position he will want to leave.Sort it or another disaster looms

  6. Don’t loan him anywhere just play the kid he has talent, he has potential to be our best player over the next few years.. Cant believe some fans they actually sicken me they think footballs like a video game or something, they expect instant success from every player and every manager, the media are even worse, do anything for a bloody story fucking wan kers.. Theres no patience in the game these days its actually disgusting to think a 21 year old isnt given time by his own fans to settle in there was actually no chance an Argentinian 21 year old whos used to a completely different climate, culture and style of football is supposed to adapt to the hardest league in the world without knowing the language or anybody at the club while only having one team mate to converse with through spanish (Soldado).. Not to mention the fact he never wanted to leave Rome but Roma forced him out cause the offer was so good.. He has had to watch his former team go unbeaten and look like a real contender for the Serie A and undoubtedly will be playing champions league next season.. Not to mention his family arent with him and his brother got kidknapped at the start of the season like some people are expecting far too much too soon, we bought this boy cause he has the potential to be one of the best in the world not because he is one of the best in the world give this man time what difference is it making to your life why all the negativity like honestly just give the boy a run in the team and watch him grow in confidence.. I for one still believe Erik Lamela will be one of the Prems best player if we give him the right opportunity to be.. Honestly I have a boner thinking about the potential of him playing off Soldado up front, will it happen? We’ll have to wait and see but please, please, please don’t right this boy off yet, let him settle and I promise he won’t let us down

  7. Lamela to stay he has got to be given time and like Bale
    get into the gym and bulk up so not to get knocked off the ball , Also leave Holtby alone when he goes on the field
    he gives all he has got , This squad is ok i dont understand
    the amount of them in the treatment though, I know they
    say its the same with all the prem teams. ( why )


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