Could the emergence of Nabil Bentaleb in the Tottenham starting XI lead to the departure this month of Etienne Capoue? That’s what the papers claim this morning with the 25 year old French international sitting on the bench as his young compatriot takes his place.

Capoue impressed on his debut – coming on as a sub in the opening day win over Crystal Palace – but when the teams played the reverse fixture on Saturday, he hadn’t progressed as we’d hoped. An injury picked up in the league match at the Emirates stalled his first season at the club but will the new coach take the drastic step of selling the player at the first possible opportunity?

There have been countless cases of a new manager coming in and just not fancying a particular player. Napoli are said to be interested in taking Capoue – Bentaleb is performing like a seasoned pro so does it make any sense to sell?




  1. Bentaleb cant nearly defend as well as Capoue and his passes are “NOT” assist passes. As talented as he is therefore he is definately not a complete player yet and i would play Capoue ahead of him.

  2. Defintely makes sense. Not sure what Capoue offers over and above Sandro, Dembele, Holtby, Sigg, Bentaleb in the middle of the park. Too many central midfielders. Would they take Soldado as well do you think?

  3. Capoue is twice the player as Bentalab, but unfortunately for him he was a AVB signing, the only AVB signing of the summer with all the other signing being Baldini signings. The other issue is that he is black, take a look at the pattern of exits out of spurs. The why did we let him go exits, all black or mixed race except the guy who wanted to go home and Parker who just getting up their in age. The next postion being talked about ‘The left back’.

  4. We will replace naughton, holtby, capoue, sigurdsaon, adabayer, defoe will replace LEIGHTIN BAINS, CORCHIA, STROOTMAN, ELL SHARRWEY OR ANOTINE GRIEZMMAN, PATO OR HERNANDEZ, BERBATOV

  5. Hope Etienne Capoue stays but for some reason Tim Sherwood does not seem to like for some reason , it will be intresting to see when Sandro & Paulino return if Tim sherwood keeps playing Bentaleb or he get dropped for these two powerful Midfielders !!

    Also intresting press conference from Tim Sherwood after the palace game regarding Erik Lamela and Nacer Chadli in his view both could play front once Defoe leaves for Toronto in a number 10 time role behind a main striker ………….one to watch in futures games this season.

  6. Marky B – I like the idea of trying Lamela up top – his close control is amazing. Chadli is gradually improving. A lot of good players but what’s needed is real drive to ensure that the performance is at a higher level than in the first half on Saturday. We are still much better in the second halves of matches – as seen under AVB. Lennon and Eriksen are the real sparks at the moment. It’s great that Bentaleb has come through but it’s tough on Capoue who’s done nothing wrong.
    More leadership and drive on the pitch is what’s needed – we can’t afford 30-minute spells of lackadaisical nonsense like in the first half against Palace, WBA, West Ham, Newcastle. When we play we are good, but need to get the wind in the sails far more.

  7. Bentaleb is dat guy HE needs 2 be playin wid sandro or capoue cuz 4 all I rate him mousa aint a passer bentaleb can do it all and with him an a DMF we can play 2 strikers apart frm mousa ability 2 go past a player wot can any1else in our CM do so great dat bentaleb cnt he gets da ppl dat need the ball wen they need it and an important job dat no 1 seems 2 be doin

  8. Bombed out cos he’s black?!my god I thought akshayaalase talked some shit on here,but this is 24carat shit.the lad that is keeping him out of the team is…black,dembele,his midfield partner is…black.when sandro is back he’s…black and when paulino is back,he’s black too!honestly.if your going to insinuate that our multi cultural club is racist,go do it with the kkk you ignorant plum.


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