Andros Townsend has yet to feature in the league under Tim Sherwood after suffering a hamstring injury in Spurs’ Capital One Cup defeat to West Ham last month. It’s been a breakthrough season for the winger but he will have been relieved to have come through yesterday’s under 21 game unscathed and should now be challenging for a starting slot at Swansea this weekend.

Andros scored one of the goals in yesterday’s 4-1 victory – Souleymane Coulibaly had opened the scoring before Kenny McEvoy and Harry Kane made it 4-0 before half time.

We’ve all discussed Townsend’s contribution at great length here and with a new coach in charge, no-one can second guess what Tim Sherwood thinks of the player. However, after a lacklustre game at White Hart Lane on Saturday, should the winger come straight back in – assuming he is 100%?




  1. I thought Lamela was injured? If not then i’d love to see Ade and Lamela up front.

    Townsend will be on the bench. Tim wont change a winning team.

    More importantly who plays when Sandro comes back? For me he is an automated first choice.

  2. I’d go with no. Townesend doesn’t have the defensive acumen for me to consider him a starter right now. He’s a great option as attacking minded sub, but with as loose as our 4-4-2/tilted 4-3-3/4-4-1-1 amorphous formation is, the extra defensive tracking done by Lennon is dismiss.

  3. Play Townsend on the left, Lamela for Dembele who is poor defensively and always seems to be quoted saying something , like Jenas was.

  4. I agree lamela should be played I’m beginning to see the same arrogance in Sherwood as was seen in avb I think some one should give Sherwood a wake up call because weather we get cl football or not I don’t think he is the man for us we need a manager with a thew pips on his shoulders not some chavy coach out to try and make a name and kiss levys arse at the same time

    • Crudely put Lee but on the money. Levy knee-jerked to avoid backlash from enic but had no ‘plan b’ in place so got bullied by Sherwood. Now THAT is disappointing.

      • Didn’t mean to be rude but that’s just how I see it and u are right levy did knee jerk but what ever happens it will be very interesting

  5. Wish people would stop moaning about Sherwood not picking Lamela when he has been injured pretty much the whole time he has been in charge.
    He bought Ade back in who has performed great so far and I’m enjoying the football so much more.
    Give him a chance!

    • Sherwood is getting his chance but remind me were lamelas injury came from Sherwood says he isn’t going they all said the same about bale and look what happened to him Sherwood has allready started to think he can throw his weight around with his criticism yes I like the results were getting at the moment but in all honesty we should be doing 10 times more what ever the outcome I do not see Sherwood being there next season

      • Get a bucket and scoop all of that sand out of your vag….get behind your team and stop shouting failure before he has even been given a chance

        • Look here Skippy I’m not shouting failure I’m simply saying I don’t think he is the man for the job that’s my opinion and I’m entitled to it and as the saying goes opinions are like arsholes everyones got one


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