A quick bit of thinking by Kyle Walker helped to break the deadlock between Spurs and Everton on Sunday in a game where the visitors outplayed us in terms of possession and shots on target. The away side can complain about that all they want but as we found out on countless occasions under AVB, possession doesn’t win you a game on its own.

It wasn’t pretty but it was an important three points – a fact acknowledged by the lone goalscorer Emmanuel Adebayor.

“I’m happy, delighted, but not about the goal, about winning the game. If someone else scored, I’d still be as happy. The most important thing is winning the game, not who scores,” Ade said on the club’s official website.

“We knew it was going to be tough, we played against a good team in Everton. The key thing is to win and now we move onto the next one.”

Meanwhile, Head Coach Tim Sherwood acknowledged the debt owed to Hugo Lloris in the first half.

“It was a slow start again and Hugo kept us in the game,” Sherwood added.

“The lads all know the game plan but we didn’t apply it well enough in the first half.

Next up is Newcastle away on Wednesday before the club takes a break during FA Cup weekend.




  1. Deadwood tactically inept every game we start slower then a snail if e had any nous e wuda ironed this outta the team lets hope krul doesn’t av another game of the season on weds

  2. Same as last season luck but with out bale if we by any chance get fourth it will down to the sheer misfortune of other teams we need fire we need new blood and as everyone has said we sold an iPhone and got stuck with Alcatels we are the laughing stock of every arsenal fan 100 million and this is all we can produce if u ask me we play more like a fkn Sunday league team the only showing a bit of enthusiasm is Loris he has kept us in most games

  3. 1-0 we won …. anyone remember two seasons ago at goodison when we were winning 1-0 until injury time and then BANG two goals lost 2-1 – who was saying we were unlucky then ? 1-0 win 3 points job done BE HAPPY!!

  4. Three vital points but a pretty ordinary performance.

    Eirksen was wasted on the left. Sherwood’s obsession with playing Bentaleb comes at the expense of moving him out wide.

    Dembele was good in possession but slows down the passing. Our movement in midfield was not good enough.


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