Team news is in ahead of tonight’s kick off and for once, Tim Sherwood has given a comprehensive round up of all the likely absentees.

“Gylfi’s not too far away, he has a slight strain,” Sherwood said after Tuesday training.

“Vlad still isn’t right. He has a back injury and it might be some time before he returns.

“Erik had a thigh strain, he’s over compensated with that and now it’s referred to his back.

“That’s not great news, but Younes is back in training, Jan has played a few games now and he looked stronger at the weekend, Paulinho is back, Andros as well, he just needs minutes and we all know what he can do once he’s firing again.”

So once again we could see very few changes from the team that started the match against Everton. Andros Townsend could come into contention but those comments hint that Tim may start him on the bench.

Roberto Soldado is an option up front with Adebayor but will the coach really switch from the 4-5-1 now that we are away from home?

Here’s how we think Sherwood will set us up but what’s your opinion?



    • Capoue came on at the weekend, I think he will start this one. In his interview on Spurs TV Sherwood said he would bring in a couple of fresh players, I think this will be our team:

      Walker Dawson Vertonghen Rose
      Dembele Capoue
      Townsend Eriksen Chadli

  1. Today, I’ll post two squads…
    1st, the squad, that TS will set.
    2nd, that I think will be the best.

    So No 1.
    Walker – Daws – Vert – Rose
    Dembele Eriksen
    Lennon Townsend

    So No.2.
    Walker – Daws – Verto – Rose
    Capoue – Dembele
    Eriksen Townsend

  2. The win against Everton will go some way to helping improve the confidence of the players, but lets make no mistake – there is still a LONG way to go!

    Anyone who thinks the demolition jobs Tottenham have suffered at the hands of Liverpool and, more recently Man City, have simply been confined to history within the 4-walls of the Spurs dressing-room is either extremely NAIVE, or simply has no understanding of the mental aspect of a competitive sport like football.

    When a team suffers a drubbing once, it can be overlooked within the minds of the players as just a freak result. But when it happens on THREE separate occasions,both home and away, the wounds WILL take some healing, and the effects can be long-lasting.

    That is why the insipid displays we have seen, following the defeat against City, should come as no surprise.

    Confidence is a MAJOR source of energy on the pitch. It can sharpen the instincts/ reactions, increase the stamina levels and allows for a greater sense of freedom to express. Spurs are a team struggling for CONFIDENCE at the moment, and as a result, a few of the players are looking jaded .i.e. Dawson and Lennon.

    Taking that into consideration, here’s my team:


    Walker Kaboul Vertonghen Rose

    Capoue Dembele

    Townsend Eriksen Chadli



    • …Dawson is a good player, but, the fact is, he has been involved in ALL of our drubbings this season, and I believe he is feeling the effects of it.

      When Dawson is at his best, he is a VERY good CB who uses his assets (.i.e. his positioning, aerial ability, concentration, bravery, aggression and his ability to read the game) to good effect. But when things aren’t going so well for Michael, on a personal level, his performances tend to suffer for a prolonged period of time, often leading him to appear leaden-footed and painfully immobile.

      To be honest, I think a spell on the sidelines, IF POSSIBLE, will do Daws the world of good, allowing the stalwart to refresh his batteries, both, physically and mentally, before POTENTIALLY returning to lead the side in what promises to a busy end of season.

      It’s funny how Lamela has been afforded ALL the patience, understanding and support in the world, and yet Chadli has been offered NONE.

      Chadli has, also, had to deal with changing leagues, integrating into a new team and a host of niggling injuries. Add that to the fact that he has yet to play a run of (at least) 8/9/10 consecutive games and it is EASY to understand how Nacer has yet to reach top form.

      Like I said in my last post: Confidence is key. It sharpens the instincts/ reactions, increases stamina/energy levels and allows for a greater sense of freedom for a player to express themselves.

      There is no doubt in my mind that Chadli has ALL the tools to become a VERY good EPL performer. He has the build, as well as all the technical abilities to be a MAJOR asset for Spurs. But what we are seeing is a player who is BEREFT of any CONFIDENCE.

      The pressure of doing well for a new club, playing as an attack-minded player (who’s role is to create and contribute goals) has been DOUBLED this season with the prospects of missing out on a WC at the front of peoples minds.

      Once Nacer feels as if has has made a telling contribution on the pitch (i.e. a goal/ assist…the better the quality, the bigger the impact) I am sure we will see a COMPLETELY different player. It is CLEAR as day to see the Belgian is currently playing within himself.

      • Dawson a very good centre back? Give over. His concentration and positioning are the reasons why we ship so many goals against the big teams. He is constantly caught out of position which in turn drags everyone else over to cover. There was a reason in the summer that when he was transfer listed only qpr came calling.

        Dawson out Kaboul in.

        • As I said, ‘AT HIS BEST’!!!

          Confidence is key for both the physical and mental aspect of a sportsman/player performance… It’s pretty simple stuff when you THINK about it.

          Not so long ago people were heralding Dawsons return to the team at a time when AVB was looking to ship him out… Michael is no better or worse than he was then, and although I am NOT his BIGGEST fan by any means, he did/has done well for Spurs throughout his career. Has he got flaws? Of course, but these flaws have been with him since he joined the club.

          I think Kaboul is pound for pound our best CB, without a doubt. Should he be able to play more regularly he would be one of the very 1st names on MY team-sheet.

  3. I think we have to play Eriksen in the centre behind Adebayor. He is our most creative player and he’s wasted on the left. He doesn’t get into the game enough and drifts inside leaving us open on the left.

    I would drop Bentaleb (although I doubt Tim will), then play Townsend on the left to give us some real width. Then Eriksen as a number 10.

    I have posted about this here:

  4. I have been to games where Bentaleb started, Walcott walked thru him 5 times. Man City played Ferandinho and Yaya, they didn’t even notice him. He may be a top prospect and Dim’s starlet but right now, for goodness sake, he’s out of his depth!

  5. I think he should go with following side:


    Balls to the wall attacking football and have Paulinho in a DM/CM role and have Chadli and Townsend track back on defensive duties. Spurs need to go out and score early to ease into the game and gain confidence and a more attacking formation/intent is needed.

  6. We need a holding midfielder to control Ben Arfa and Cissoko in front of our back line. That would be Capoue as Sandro is injured. Otherwise doesn’t matter who Tim plays as we should win this easily. If we don’t play Capoue we will be in trouble. Also shame about Lamella – this would have been an ideal game for him to cut through an inexperienced Newcastle defence as only he can.

  7. Where the hell is Sandro? Still no word on his progress – he is officially classed as one of three definitely out (Chiriches and Lamella both out for 6 weeks) although Siggy is also probably not ready.

    Suspect that Tim will go with team we started with against Everton but this will again mean Eriksen is supposed to be wide left yet he plays in the middle giving Rose no cover.

    Especially away, we need to consider keeping the balance to the team so I would opt for Townsend on the left, Eriksen in the middle with Dembele and Paulinho behind, meaning Bentaleb gets a rest and on the bench.

  8. You lot keep leaving out dembele, had a great game on Sunday so should not be left out of team! Should play attacking football from the off and take a leaf from liverpools book and blitz teams early!! also soldado needs game time to have any chance of coming good! Bentaleb is not coping well due to inexperience!

    Walker, Jan, daws, rose
    Lennon, dembele, eriksen, Townsend
    Soldado, ade


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