Whether or not there is any truth in the Juande Ramos interview which is doing the rounds this morning, it’s still an interesting piece and one that’s well worth a read. Spurs will come across their former manager when they face Dnipro next week but the last man to oversee a trophy win has attempted to ‘lift the lid’ on his time at White Hart Lane and his dealings with Daniel Levy.

Firstly, the Spaniard looked at the sale of Gareth Bale and suggested that it was all part of the club’s business plan,

“Spurs sold Gareth Bale in the summer and with the 100 million euros they have signed five or six players. They will see if any of those players take off and then maybe sell them on and reinvest: that’s the business plan,” Ramos said.

“It works well but you have to ask the question: what are you trying to achieve? Are you trying to win money or titles? The sporting side is the priority at Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea.

“City sign Jesus Navas, Alvaro Negredo. They don’t look at the age of the player, they look at the performances. Spurs look at the age, thinking of a future sale.”

The 59 year old then used Luka Modric as another example,

“I advised them to sign Luka Modric. He spent a couple of years developing and started performing well and they sold him,” he added.

“Why aren’t Spurs going to win the league? Because they are always a small step below those three or four teams. Economically it works well but in sporting terms it needs a slight tuning. What are you chasing? Titles or economic success?”

You could argue that the Daily Mail is a perfect vehicle for an article like this but is there any truth in it? If players of the calibre of Modric, Bale and potentially Vertonghen, Lloris, Eriksen and others aren’t in the Champions League then at some point there may be a battle to keep them at the club but is it ridiculous to suggest that such sales are all part of the ‘business plan’?



  1. Spurs can’t afford to pay the £200k per week wages that the top, established, stars (or their agents!) want without going into debt. That’s what Leeds did and look at them!!

    Spurs need a 60,000 seater stadium, or an oil sheikh. That’s why they are a selling club.

    Ramos is an fool if he can’t understand that!

  2. spot on! Any spurs fan knows that Levy is pathetic and needs to be removed. He is only about making money not about doing well on the pitch. He keeps proving it. He sells our best players (Berba, Modric, Bale,) and sells our youngsters because he considers them 100% pure profit. No manager stands a chance at WHL as long as LEvy is about.

    He even shows lack of ambition with the stadium. Spurs should be looking to build a world class stadium with more capacity to compete with the top teams, not just 55,000 like mid table teams have. Even West Ham will have more seats than us, Sunderland, Newcastle etc.

    • Perhaps you’d like to go back to the mid-table mediocrity that we were under Alan Sugar? Or are you one of those fans that have only been around since our Champions League exploits?

      And in terms of the stadium, apart from the Arsenal and Man U game, we would struggle to fill a larger stadium than 55k. You really think West Ham will fill out a 60k seater stadium? Newcastle is 52k and Sunderland is 49k with ticket prices half of ours so you’ve got that one wrong.

      So to summarise, you’re an idiot.

    • Hi Dumbass..lets just explain a couple of things so your small brain can understand. Berbatov….wanted to leave..he stopped playing…Modric…wanted to leave….stopped playing….Bale…wanted to leave..stopped playing…make any sense now thicko…new stadium..well its being built…and what is th edifference between 60 ..same as Arsenal..and 55 ..not much…..so the only thing that needs to be removed is U.

  3. Absolute tosh.Of course Man City wont care about age or wage. They are virtually a bottomless pit.Chelsea can pay 33 year old Eto’o 200k a week ans take a loss. Spurs are officially the best run club in the league by a country mile. Money before trophies of course. Spurs are where they are on merit, through hard work and planning. 10 years ago Spurs shirt sponsorship didnt pay them £100 million for 5 yeears. They have the best training facilities and despite people whingeing their financial planning for the new ground is now almost complete with this new shirt deal plus naming rights for 10 years will roll in nearly £200 million which is also not far. Where is Sevilla nowadays? Why didn’t Real Keep you beyond half a season Mr Ramos?? If you are so good why are you managing in a reclusive location nowadays?

  4. Of course there’s truth in it, you’d have to be away with the fairies to say we aren’t a selling club. We buy young talents, and if we don’t get into the top 4 we sell the best one and try again. It’s the same every season, that’s the best we can do with our massive financial inferiority to some of our rivals.

    • BULLSHIT…any top player we had wanted to leave…MODRIC, CArrick, Berba, And Bale…….we had no choice as to sell….Ramos didnt even bother to learn English we he mged Spurs.

    • We buy young talent — which we should — and would prefer to hold on to them, but there’s a point (either demanded wages, whining player, or ridiculous offer) that it just doesn’t make sense to keep them.
      I’d rather have hungry, young talent with money in our pocket then go broke trying to keep newly-made star happy playing for us.
      They should want to be at Spurs, not forced.

      More than having star players, we need consistency and longevity. I’d rather have a team of quality (if not best in the world) players who are comfortable playing together and can anticipate each other than dropping in top class players who can’t remember each others names. Same for the manager.

  5. Truth is Ramos managed to turn a top 5 team into relegation fodder in record time. Whatever he says lacks any credibility.
    He was possibly the worst Spurs manager we have ever had and that is saying something.
    He even made greedy Harry look good and that takes some doing.
    So having been exposed he gives an interview claiming it was all somebody else’s fault. Quell surprise.
    More column inches for kretinous journalists to churn out.
    Good riddance to bad rubbish and let’s see how well the crappo team he now manages fair against us soon.

  6. He might have a point if Berbatov, Keane, Modric and Bale had not all forced their own exits from the club. Should we be critical of our club for cashing in on players that don’t want to be there anymore or should we be more critical of these players for choosing the easy option and forcing a move to another team already at the top rather than working harder to achieve it at their current club.

  7. Has Ramos learnt to speak English yet? That was his main problem, he couldn’t talk to the players and they couldn’t understand him!

  8. I’ve been a spurs supporter for well over 40 years.
    The one thing that would make me turn my back on them would be if the club became the next Chelsea or Manchester City. Buying hollow success as a plaything for a egotistical billionaire.
    Wether you like it or not football is a business and while these egotists will come and go it is about financial sustainability.
    Or maybe some of our supporters would like to go down the Leeds road, perhaps preferring to drop to the bottom tier after failing spectacularly to buy champions league football.

    Of course we sell players. Their heads are turned by subsidised teams offering unsustainable riches.
    Personally I get much more joy from the likes of Perryman, Mabbutt and Hughton that I ever have from Berbatov, Modric and co.

    So keep doing what your doing Spurs and gradually we will overcome and when we do it will be infinitely more satisfying and creditworthy that anything cheatski or Manchester shitty will ever achieve. We will succeed on merit and that will be something for the cock to crow about

  9. I’ve always suspected it was Bentley that got Ramos sacked. As the marquee signing for spurs, he had to play, and when he could not dislodge Lennon, he turned the dressing room against Ramos. That’s why we started the season badly, not because Ramos is a bad coach. As for Real Madrid, this is a club that sacked Capello for winning the league, they are all about image and Ramos face did not fit. He did well with the shambles he inherited.
    Yes, as a spurs fan, I do not expect to win the league, but every now and then, I want us to lift a trophy, and Ramos delivered.
    Is it a lack of ambition on my side? no realism. As a club associated with Zionism, we will never get an Arab investor.
    So I am happy with Enic’s business plan and happy with Ramos for delivering

  10. I’m not surprised some fickle fans have read this interview and think it tells us what we dont already. Are we a selling club? no, these players wanted to leave hence they were sold to the highest bidder. Football is a business unless of course you have a rich benefactor like Chelsea and Mancity; without these riches, where do you think these clubs will be today? we’re doing ok and we have a fantastic squad and a very clever chairman.

  11. Of course there is truth in it. We seen it with our own eyes.
    Spurs beat a Chelsea team in the Carling Cup final – A Chelsea team that was unlucky losers to Utd a few months later in the CL final.

    The midfield he was working with was Malbranque, Huddlestone, Jenas, Lennon with Tanio as sub.

    He also played Bale regularly until he got his injury against Birmingham.

  12. Life’s a bit more complicated than a bitter ex-manager and a gutter press exponent of yellow journalism can manage. We are ambitious AND a selling club. we have to sell because great players ask for more money or they’re off. In many cases they even turn down more money in order to move to clubs more likely to win trophies. We inch forward and the day will dawn when we have a bigger ground, have stabilised our finances at a higher level, and begin to move up the pecking order. In reality this may never happen but, in the meantime we play attractive football and punch above our weight. Give me this any day against the alternative of being some rich man’s plaything until he gets bored and moves on.


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