With no possibility to point fingers at the Carrow Road pitch, Tim Sherwood blamed the side’s poor start for yesterday’s 1-0 defeat. Unfortunately, no-one asked the head coach why Christian Eriksen was left on the bench for the entire 90 minutes.

That’s not the sort of question you’d find on the club website where Sherwood is quoted as saying,

“It was a poor start again. It was a good start against Newcastle in our last away game and we saw the reward we got from that.

“It was a nothing game in the first half, we needed to bounce back and then we suffered a blow after half-time, a minute in and we conceded a sloppy goal.

“All of a sudden we started to play and started to create chances but unfortunately we couldn’t take them.”

Spurs are now six points behind Liverpool in the battle to finish fourth and Tim acknowledged that the defeat could prove crucial.

“It’s disappointing because it’s three valuable points that you don’t want to be throwing away at this stage of the season,” he added.

“Everywhere you go it is going to be difficult. We’ve been to some tough places and got results but this time unfortunately we’ve come away with nothing.”

Next up for Spurs is the return leg with Dnipro on Thursday before struggling Cardiff come to the Lane on Sunday.



  1. Season over and we still do not know our best team.If Adebayor does not score we are done for no plan B.
    We have wasted all the cash and why we sold Caulker is a mystery to me.We were lucky it was only one Sherwood was only watching one end they had better chances than us.We are clueless in the board room and on the pitch.
    No guts or guile and no idea.
    I have actually given up hope of ever watching a Spurs side that could win the league,I have decided to get an allotement

  2. Dembele was playing too far forward, he doesn’t have the finesse needed in the area. Lennon was popping up all over the pitch. It looked like Sherwood kept changing his mind on where to play him same as Chadli.

    We didn’t give any real service to Ade, Rose’s passing and defending was poor all the game – recall BAE NOW!!

    Paulinho isn’t a defensive midfielder, he can’t tackle for toffee. I’m so disappointed with this result.

    Traditionally we don’t win games in March so I think our season’s over!!

    • I agree, rose was poor very poor. He should of been replaced in january. To put chadli on instead of eriksen or even townsend who will shoot at half way line given chance was a weird decision and lost us the chance of top four.

  3. There should be no excuses!! We were poor, tims time is nearly over now and he can crawl out of levys arse where he has been living the last four months. Hes got no tactical knowledge apart from all out attack and the good teams will tear us apart. Tim said we didnt need any new players in january but rose, dawson, chadli need replacing with young pacey talent!! 100mill spent and no one can cross a ball! If we had that soldado would have scored more. Top four now is out of our grasp.

  4. Sherwood is tinkering with the squad as if they were a box of chocolates. Square pegs in round holes.

    Leaving Townsend and Eriksen on the bench total madness.

  5. Very disappointing and lethargic performance whether EL taking effect maybe, however TS says all the right things big squad blah blah, reality his tactics were all wrong at CR and we did not deserve anything from the game ! As said here already why we sold Caulker and kept Dawson who is more headless as season unfolds brainless, as for Naughton/Rose very poor defenders and for actually crossing a ball the pair of them would struggle on a zebra – pathetic ! TS needs to start showing some more tactical nous as he clearly can not see what is in front of him changes that were made were forced i.e. not tactical and please, please, if we are to have wingers at the club how about getting to the byline, and actually crossing in the vain hope that we have a striker on the end of one eventual cross (Nosferatu complex) ! Yet another season of despair scouse g**ts will get 4th and the only thing to look forward to is the magic roundabout EOS – odds on LVG to be at WHL next term – all together now ” far sure we had chances” ala little boy with finger in the dyke (another time)! COYS

  6. LOL! Honestly. What do you guys expect from spurs ? I mean really?? Season in season out, u guys just keep saying spurs this spurs that spurs gonna be in top 4 even fighting for the title. Comeon. Wake up you all deluded spudsies LOOLLLL

  7. Sherwood’s supposed HT Team talk sums the situation up really… ”go out there and be better” he told the players??? hardly the motivational hairdryer speech is it? and for the love of god START ERICKSEN EVERY GAME! he has been our best player so far yet is always benched.


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