Lamela Injury Update

Lamela Injury Update


We keep hearing that Erik Lamela is injured but we learn precious little in regard to the Argentine’s progress along with a possible date for his return. We know that it’s been a difficult first season at White Hart Lane but the silence only serves to fuel rumours of a return to Italy in the summer.

That silence has been broken, but only in vague terms, by a Twitter account known as ArgHotspur which claims that Lamela will return to full training on Wednesday 5th of March. As yet, there’s no official word from the club to back that claim up.

Even if Erik is fit to return, it’s tough to see how Sherwood will work him into the side in a period where we face Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool. The Europa League no longer holds an easy outlet with Benfica waiting in the next round so the Argentine could be restricted to sporadic sub appearances – the type that will only intensify the rumours surrounding a potential departure.



  1. Hopefully he will be back in training soon possible this week from my understanding reading this info from other websites , once again lamela will need the same kind support as soldado is getting from the supporters they have been excellent and patient with him other the then GOAL drought he had up until last sunday of course 🙂
    ( Hopefully this means more goals now !! )

    with the same sort of support for lamela and hopefully given time on the time on the pitch we will see the talent we all know he his …………..COYS

  2. Short sighted fans, we have a potential world superstar and we are righting him off before we have given him a chance, most players need time to settle, new surroundings, Language barriers etc. He will defo come good

  3. Leave erik alone he is going to be a great player for much better than that failure harry kane who cant hit a barn door from 1 yard and benta what ever. His name is.


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