Spurs head coach Tim Sherwood has been extremely honest at times over Tottenham’s performances and was quick the blame a lack of ‘characters’ within the side following yesterday’s defeat at Chelsea.

The game was effectively over when Younes Kaboul saw a dubious red but the second half was notable for a defensive performance worthy of a Sunday league team. At 2-0 down and with ten men on the pitch, it was hard enough to draw level but two late gifts made for a humiliating scoreline in the dying minutes.

“The first goal, anyone can slip and it is a bad error, the second one – the penalty and sending-off – it has gone against us unfortunately and the game has gone after that but it still doesn’t legislate for the capitulation. You can’t have that,” Sherwood said.

“Too many of them are too nice to each other. You need to show a bit more gut and not want to be someone’s mate all the time and it can’t always be me having a pop – they have to drag it out of each other. It hurts me.

“I’m not going to forget this by the time we hit the motorway. Some might – but on to the next match. That is the nature of the game.”

So, as Champions League football drifts further away, what is to blame? Player being too nice, a coach out of his depth, a bizarre formation and an overreliance on a promising 19 year old with nine league appearances behind him or all of the above?




  1. What a bunch of s##t. Tim is the genius when Spurs win, but takes no responsibility when they lose. As for gutless, the starting XI that Tim picked was all but admitting defeat. Did anyone think that we had any chance of winning after the starting XI was announced yesterday? Tim picked that team hoping for a 0-0 tie; not to win, and then rips the team as gutless. Lets look at the facts before we blame all the players and give Tim a pass on his tactics and team selection ability.

    Fact: We lost to the team with the best record in the BPL and the best record at home. Did we think we were going to beat Chelsea at home yesterday?
    Fact: We are not MU with a history of winning titles every year. Spur fans have unrealistic expectations if they think we should be at the top of the league. Fifth place is still a very respectable position. Most teams would kill for fifth.
    Fact: Tim did not start one of our summer transfers yesterday. Now ask yourself why? Is Tim using team selection to make a point.
    Fact: Tim played Lennon behind Ade, Walker as a midfielder, Siggy as a midfielder (who hasn’t been on the field in a month), Vert at left back, Naughton at right back, and Sandro and golden boy at DM. Did he try to play as many players out of there normal position as possible? If you put Messi as center back, I’m sure he would be rubbish. Is that the players fault or the genius that put him there?
    Fact: We have excellent players that need a Manager that can put players in position to be successful. That is the managers job. Evaluate talent and put them where they are going to be the most beneficial in a team. Tim doesn’t have a clue.

  2. the problem was wrong selections. walker in midfield? vertonghen at left back – where is the trust from the manager in his players – fryers shouold have been at left back. and eriksen or dembele should have been in midfield with walker at back. Sherwood is thick…and a pillock for blaming his players, when he got the selection wrong.
    He was trouble for manager at Blackburn and for hoddle at spurs. Bring on the Dutchman…and Milner is not a Spurs player.

    • Milner is a good player and has a year left on his contract so will come cheap too, he’d get a lot of minutes at spurs IMO

  3. Sherwood has been undermined by levy with the job being constantlt linked to other managers of experience,foreign, coaches who accept a dof.
    We have tried every way ,give him the backing and if not then get Poyet

  4. lets start campaign for “bring bacck harry,”…I have been supporting spurs for over 30 yrs,,The best time we have had since venables times was harrys era,,the man can make an average plaayer play like messi,,With all the talent at his disposal i am pretty sure we can win the Epl..If dl has gone backwards and brought in super scout broomfiels,surely he can go baack and get harry,,He will make soldado score in every game,,

  5. Lets leave Harry and Tim nice but tactially dim behind and bring in ldv!!! Time to move on with a new look team in the summer. I predict we will end up 6th in keague and now lets try and win the europa cup and have some achievment this year.

  6. All those clamouring for a forigh coach ala LVG and Prandelli,will all regret after a yr,,Firstly LVG has very bad man mangement skills,,he is always falling out with players and that makes dressing room a sad plaace to be,,Prandelli well the guy hardly speaks a word of english and thats receipe of disaster..the expectation at spurs are far higher than most other clubs ie soton,hence foreign coach wil fail,,
    Harry is the only choice we have that can bring back the days of 9-1 score lines,,,

  7. Bring back harry seems to be common opinion , and why not , based on his abilty to develop playersIf there seems to be one common factor in terms of opinion -s that of bring back harry, based on his abilty to develop players , the proof of that being the introduction of bale , prior to harry when we did see bale, it was met with signs of “hell no” the mangement of bale and team , motivating and mobilising the squad is what harry/fergie was good, its sum ting we are ever going to see from tim and its not his fault , no training , no ufea badges , wtf wud we hand the keys to a merc to a child with no licence. Bottom line its going to be hard to find a manger like uncle “sir” harry.Mr levy we may not have the to match the city and chelsea , but surely we have wisdom to knw and spot a manager(crediable) to move our team forward be match day or on the training ground.

  8. I tend to agree that the team selection was not very good but how do you explain the fact that Spurs produced a very good performance during the first half and were even unlucky not to have been one goal up at half time. ..During the second half, it was a ‘deja vu’ story. There was a lapse of concentration and mistake after mistake which cost us the match. Sherwood is not altogether wrong in attributing the heavy loss to ‘a lack of character’..I would even add ‘a lack of mental strength’…

  9. when kabs got sent off the logical was a s follows,,shift naught to lb,,vert in middle and walker back to rb..mid of sandro/bentaleb was fine,,paulinho cuming in for siggy was also ok,,but than lennon shud hv been replaced by soldado,,
    nah ts pushedsandro in defence wer he was just diving all over the place and lucky he dint get sent off too,,,

    I also feel harry is the right man to bring the best out of aall the players we have currently,,infact i would put my house for leag7ue title with harry at the helm,,,

  10. Chris you plank,
    Dembele and Erikson injured so couldn’t play.

    The facts are are players are not good enough, if Walker didn’t play right back who would of played their against Hazard?
    Naughton would struggle to get into a championship side, Fryers is pants, Vertonghan over rated, Dembele promises much but rarely delivers. total waste of money in the summer, I think Sherwood summed it up perfectly, whens the last time you saw one of our players having a go at each other, too chummy, not enough desire. With the players he’s inherited he’s onto a looser from the start.

  11. What I like about Sherwood is his refreshing honesty and his passion. What this club is crying out for is some passion. Too many bland managers over the years – most of whom have come from Europe. No commitment to the club, no concept of English football culture and no ability to kick the beejaysus up the arse of any underperforming player. And if you think this geezer Louis Van Gaal will be any different forget it. Even if he does have any success he will be off after a few years. Look at his peripatetic career.
    Give Sherwood the time. He will do at least as well as any sexy import from abroad. League position reflects a club’s position in the revenue league. That means at fifth we are already punching above our weight. We have a small ground.
    And for God’s sake stop going on about Redknapp. His race is run. We need to give a long run to a younger man who can build something. I don’t think you’ll find better than Sherwood. He can grow into it.

    • To me Spurs try too hard to “keep up the Joneses”. I would like to see youth squad promoted more frequently instead of new signings. Trying too hard can the same as not trying enough. To play you’re best is more important then being the best. THFC have nothing to prove to anyone. The game is about glory, not the player. Sure, making the CL will please me, but it wont make me love the club any more or less. What I desire is a free flowing, slick passing THFC that plays for the love of the game and that the players have the awareness of their good fortune.

  12. Starting with lennon means we start everygame with 10 men in 60 years supporting spurs he is the worst player i have ever seen cant take a corner or freekick because he does not know how to kick a ball correctly one goal in 25 appearances cant cross the ball how does he get picked he must be dropped and never play again.

  13. I think Spurs lack an identity at this current moment. Personally I care more about free flowing football then results. They seem to be a self fulfilling prophecy. I truly want any player who wants to leave to go. Forget the table, ignore the score, and just play you’re heart out like children. Play for the love of the game. Play in the moment. Play as if you will never step on the pitch again.

  14. Table results are almost like money, tallied numbers without meaning. Id rather a squad with accountability then a club with a trophy. A trophy is merely a symbol of success. Embrace the youth squad. Give Kane and Carroll and others real opportunities. I crave a THFC with passion, commitment, loyalty, and desire. A club with players that always have their head up. A club with players that have they awareness to recognize that what they do is a dream job.


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