While there are still question marks over the future of Tim Sherwood it seems as if Franco Baldini is carrying on regardless – at least that’s what the press are intimating with claims that the club are in talks with Dnipro to sign their winger Yevhen Konoplyanka.

On Monday Dnipro’s President Igor Kolomoisky laid into Liverpool – the club and the city – and suggested that his player should choose a switch to London if he wanted to leave at the end of the season.

“Not criticising Liverpool but if I’m interested in a player, like they were in final days, I’d do it on or two weeks before,” Kolomoisky said, referring to the failed transfer bid on January deadline day.

“I’m talking with Tottenham president. He wants Konoplyanka. We’re negotiating and we may even be close to signing a contract if Yevhen agrees,” he added.

“If I was in Konoplyanka’s place I’d choose Tottenham. London, not Liverpool. Football is 90 minutes on the field, maybe two matches per week, but the rest of a footballer’s time should be living somewhere nice. London city life is preferable to Liverpool.

“Negotiations with Tottenham are on an entirely different level. Overall it’s all grown-up with an understanding of the interests of the player and the club.”

Konoplyanka could do little to alter the Europa League tie between these two sides but showed a glimpse of his trademark move – cutting in from the left wing and hitting the target with his right foot – there are plenty of videos that our left wingers should study.

Once again this could all be paper talk and while our record of success with Eastern European signings is a bit mixed, I really like the look of this guy and think it could be a good deal for next season if the club can land it.



  1. It would be a great deal if we could get it done.

    Their chairmen doesn’t like last minutes deals, does he know he is dealing with Levy?

  2. Top quality player. But Chelsea will nick him around the time he comes to the Lane for a medical, sadly. Forget crosses; against top teams crosses aren’t enough. You need variety but above all huge individual ability. Tottenham have great players but overall they aren’t better individually than any of the teams above them in the league.

  3. Let try and finish in the top 5 this season if possible , i loosing faith fast the squad is good but we need a top quality manager Harry alls forgiven mate come back 🙂 Tim not ready yet maybe in a few years !!!

    Up The Spurs


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