Nacer Chadli’s double strike against Benfica in the Europa League seems to have guaranteed a place in Tim Sherwood’s thoughts for the remainder of this campaign but it was still a little surprising to learn that the Belgian international has actually featured in 23 of our last 27 matches.

Chadli almost joined Swansea on loan in the last transfer window and while there may be rumours of either a temporary or a permanent move in the summer, the 24 year old suddenly seems more likely to stay on – even if there is a change of manager.

“I feel better and better every week,” he told the club’s official website. “I felt good against Arsenal, now I’ve played 90 minutes against Benfica and Southampton, my fitness is getting better and I have to keep working hard but I know I can still show more.

“I have to keep going and my strength will come with more minutes. My form will also come.”

Nacer also claimed that the squad hadn’t given up hope of qualifying for next season’s Champions League.

“We have to keep going and keep working hard because there are lots of points still to play for,” he concluded.

That top four finish may seem implausible but how important will Nacer Chadli prove to be in the run in to what has been a long and difficult season?





  1. If everton claim 71-72 points will be in with a shout, then we can drop only two losses in our last games!!@ its not over yet..coys

  2. Thia team is not good enough for a top 4 finish and if by some miracle we did it would mask the serious problems we have. We will finish behind city chelsea liverpool arsenal everton and man utd.
    The bale money was wasted and Baldini should answerfor it.
    The followi g are not top 4 players and need to be replaced
    Naughton,Dawson ,Kaboul Lennon Kane,Soldado Sigurdson,Rose and we cannot even judge eric lamentable.Painful to say but we are not up to it as Benfica showed in the first match. Adebayor is not a man for all seasons and Townsend is also not reliable.we need attackers with pace who can also score,try andd grt Lukaku,buy afootballing centre back a winger who can score and two prove goalscorers. I fear we will get a hiding at Anfield because they are strongest where we are weakest!

  3. quite right we will not make the cl this season lets be realistic we had a great comeback against southampton but if we played well enough in the first half we wouldent need the come back im afraid we need to look at the defensive frailitys here naughton not up to premier league there are good signs for next season i cant see chelski letting us buy lukaku maybe if possible boney would be a great fix in the spurs shirt anyway lets go stuff liverpool what agreat result that would be come on the spurs

  4. I’m sure my fellow spurs fans have become the most pessimistic fans in the world! I have a message,”back your team or go support a club like Man shitty or Chelski!” Yes, we do still have a chance of getting a champions league spot so lets get the players backed up with our voices! If not lets just prey for 6th so we can assault the league and domestic cups next season with aplomb! As Spurs fans we have always had dreams of grandeur and flirted with possibilities of greatness and we do it the hard way. Over night success doesn’t last forever. People forget how many years we have spent in total in the top flight of English football. Just because daddy Lewis doesn’t empty his personal coffers and turn us into another flash in the pan big spending toy doesn’t mean he has not got our interests at heart. We are a business, a good business at that! I’m a proud spurs fan that backs the whole shabang to the hilt. So don’t be so bloody pessimistic!!!!!!! COYS!!!!!

  5. Wow, many of my fellow spurs supporters dissapoint me in the way you support the club only when winning. I think TS is the right man forthe job if the club gives him full support,his team and a 3year contract. The guy gets more hurst then us when we play bad, you can see it in his eyes and at his bodylanguage.We burned almost 60m on soldado and lamela and you are talking about getting rid of them. Thats just stupid. Give them time, they will pay back next year i am sure of that, we have to be patience if we want succes. Its the same with the manager. I love every spurs fans out there, just want to see us backing our great club. The ones we should get rid of is players like vertoghen, he plays like shit amd at the same time things he is to good for us. We have all seen his attitude on the pitch, its depressing!


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