Team news is in for today’s match at Anfield and Spurs have not risked Emmanuel Adebayor’s heel injury for this one. Roberto Soldado starts as the lone striker and the full line up reads,

Lloris, Naughton, Kaboul, Vertonghen, Rose, Bentaleb, Sigurdsson, Lennon, Chadli, Eriksen, Soldado

And our subs,

Friedel, Dawson, Dembele, Sandro. Townsend, Winks, Kane

What do you think of Tim’s selection and formation – is it the only option due to injuries?




  1. No no no. Sandro has to start you fucking muppet Tim. Not Siigy either please this is bollocks I predict a riot, 5 0 will be the score.

  2. Rather than slag Sherwood after the game. I predict we lose by three or more goals, Bentalab ahead of Sandro . Sherwood are you nuts . Why not play them both. Liverpool are a attacking machine you have named an attacking line up. Hope I am wrong but we shall see in the next two hours . COYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Sherwood done it on purpose no one could choose a worst team selection to play Liverpool, probably did it to get back at levy for lvg.for all the cunts that keep choosing Lennon in your team you can suck my ######

  4. watching the spurs game against liverpool and is bloody benteleb a love child of sherwood look who we have on the bench and also naughton cant cross a ball to save his life sort it out for f..cksake sherwood

  5. i was told sherwoods a arsenal supporter well he can go there for all i care and take his love child benteleb with him useless piece of sh.t

  6. sherwood you fucking clown pub team manager liverpool were good but be were shocking no holding midfield player but the real blame is with levy money grabbing cunt clubs gone backward since harry went shit appointment in clueless avb even worse sherwood the gooner another money saving idea.

    This club was level with arsenal 3 seasons ago now a million miles behind them yet again, big clear out needed rose naughton kaboul dawson chadli lennon townsend paulhino capoure none of them good enough.

    And vertonghen clearly has no interest laughing in the tunnel before the game could not wait to get off the pitch soon as he went off disgrace.


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