Transfer speculation is likely to throw up some wild rumours while the coach’s position is under such scrutiny. If the press knew that Louis Van Gaal was arriving at White Hart Lane then they could logically link a host of current Dutch internationals and others who the Netherlands boss has personal knowledge of.

In the meantime it’s harder than ever to pick out the truth amid the wild speculation but the potential replacements for Hugo Lloris and Jan Vertonghen are a little worrying. Our Belgian defender’s body language has perhaps offered the clearest indication that he isn’t exactly happy at White Hart Lane while both men have been vague when asked about their futures.

No-one knows where the Ben Foster link came from although it was suggested that it only appeared because we had played them at the weekend. At 31 he is already a journeyman with 11 professional clubs behind him and six full England caps which were unforgettable for all the wrong reasons.

At this stage of his career, Foster seems suited to West Brom, irrespective of whether or not they go down.

Elsewhere, a swap deal has been mooted between Vertonghen and former West Ham player Valon Behrami. Firstly, as a midfielder, Behrami just isn’t needed and although accounts suggest he is a better player now, it’s hopefully just another non-starter.

Of the two, Vertonghen is the one most likely to depart but no matter who leaves the club, trading down in this way is only going to keep us fighting for seventh place in the next campaign.




    • What are u on?? Towsend in a first line up?? And just blurted out names!! Looks like your ejaculating in your pants mate!!! Thats one fantasy team…..keep wishing.


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