Back in 2011, we published an article amidst claims that David Moyes was being lined up to replace Harry Redknapp and at the time, it provoked a record number of comments. Now, two and a half years later, the Scot is out of a job for the first time in 16 years and news of his departure has had a predictable effect on the next Spurs manager betting.

Moyes has now shortened to 5/1 in some places while he is on offer at a best of 12/1 with Stan James. His sacking at Manchester United has seen Louis van Gaal widely touted as a successor but in the meantime, LVG remains favourite in our market at 3/1 with Paddy Power.

In September 2011, David Moyes was seen as a sound appointment for any Premier League side but now, he is dubbed a failure. Could he do a job at Spurs or would his arrival at White Hart Lane be another backward step?



  1. Step backwards is an understatement. And if LVG has made it known he is interested in the Utd job, he can bugger off as well. Still reckon we should go for proven winners who know this league. Benitez or Ancelotti will do !

    • It has to be Ronald de Boer.
      He knows how to build a Club from within, which SPURS neds.
      We have to recrute from our youht ranks. He knows how to do it.
      And he wl get the best out of Eriksen .
      In Levy we trust. (and a new stadum)

  2. Im hoping spurs grab david moyes with both hands. he will bring much needed stability to the club. and build a solid defence in front of our great goalkeeper. the rest will sort it self out. WELCOME TO WHITE HART LANE DAVID!!!

    • Simply must have a proven pedigree manager!!!! Anything else is a backward step. We have enough good players to mould into a challenging team but if you haven’t got the right manager to do that any team will look decidedly average (as Moyes proved at Utd). The next record signing for us should be THE MANAGER!!!

  3. Levy will appoint the cheaper/cheapest option amongst managers prepared to come to Tottenham with the likely scenario of being sacked before Christmas.

  4. Moyes didn’t set the world alight at Everton – made a complete mess of ManU – and would be a backward step for a club aspiring to be in the top 4 – Martinez would be (and is) better,

  5. Moyes would be a massive step backwards. Van Gaal should be first option but I’m afraid to say I think he will choose ManUre over us

  6. had a feeling van Gaal was stalling for some reason and now we know why, imo he was the perfect man to build spurs into a major European force again but my guess is he will go after the manu job, Moyes no thank you we someone with a better track record, Levy must get it right this time!.

  7. I don’t want LVG if he’s come out and stated that. By all means he can think that in his head but to state that publically after putting extra pressure on Sherwood shows a lack of class (not a fan of Sherwood by the way). I don’t think Man U will go for LVG either, for the same reasons morinho was over looked.
    No idea who our next manger will be, but I hope it’s not moyes or LVG.
    At this moment in time it may well end up with pocchetino (can’t spell) as the only remaining realistic choice, though Ancelotti would be my favourite.

  8. We dont need Moyes or the whoring Dutchman,give him a bit of time our present manager will sort things out and move us forward,you can moan all you like but his record thus far is OK.Anyway look on the bright side we’ve started a trend look at the amount of former players who are “interim”managers at premier league clubs,Welcome Giggsy,I doubt you;ll get the same level of abuse as Tim,but you’better start winning quick or the Manu lynch mob will be in full cry.COYS

  9. I’ve got no problem with Tim Sherwood but we are not in a position to allow a manager to ‘learn on the job’. We need CL money (which is a tough ask for any incoming manager) now and the stadium. It’s a real balancing act as this is a factor in keeping our best players (Eriksen, Sandro, Hugo…….Jan if he pulls his finger out).

    I’m not interested in Moyes. He did a good job at Everton with a very understanding Chairmen (i.e. not Daniel ’10 managers in 13 seasons’ Levy) and with very little expectations. I would have never picked him for the Man U job, that team has been under invested in for years and was a dead duck for me.

    I’d like to see LVG, De Boer, Martinez, Rijkaard etc.

  10. United player’s frustration came through long and over technical training sessions. Can you see any of our brain-dead lot taking to that? I can’t.

    Moyes, nice enough chap and good manager. would be better suited to Villa or Newcastle.

  11. I would rather the kit man to take over other than Moyes, when he go the United Job I knew they would finish out the top 4 and I told everyone that I knew…. because he is a loser, I dont care what players we are buying we should spend our money on a manager with winning as a habit. I still hope for Van Gaal. Even when losing at Everton did make any positive attacking changes is that really the Spurs way … Please Please Daniel not Moyes…..

    • Talking shit again… u have ruled out two managers with prem league experience…moyes would do a good job and prove his doubters wrong.

  12. Bring back Harry, we played great football, and he managed to get the best out of Bale. We ounched above our weight with Harry at the helm, and we didn’t have the depth of squad we have now.

  13. Well Gav I think Moyes did nothing special at Everton with a team that Martinez got more out of than Moyes with very little change. I think some of the Man United performances have been very negative and personally I don’t want to pay my money to see that.

    Its not premier League Experience you need …. Its a Winner that can organise, get the best out of our players and has a clue about winning strategies. Which we have been missing for a while.

  14. This might be a blessing, we don’t want Moyes, yes a proven prem manager but has won nothing.
    LVG can go to Man U, his past his prime and no choice for a long term goal. Personally I’d prefer FDB or Jurgen at the lane. Let get a manager in who has ideas and a long term plan, Levy please give the next manager time to build the team and let Baldini go.

    With Moyes only one person to blame. I’d say Giggs. Never looked like he supported him. Fervid was smart to leave when he did with the ageing squad he left. Coincidence I think not….lol

  15. Lets not be cynical here. VG is moving to United if they want him. Moyes would be a fine manager, but this year, he’s taken a beating. I think he needs to get out of town for a year and then come back. Would I like another year of Sherwood? It doesn’t matter, Levy is looking to recruit ANOTHER manager. I was happy with Harry, but that boat has long sailed. I am especially starting to hate the spoiled attitude of our own supporters. When did we start sitting on the golden throne and choose the pickings off the top? Never. The sooner we wrap our heads around our situation, and quit acting like spoiled brats can we start to begin to really be happy with our team. To be in the discussion of fighting for top 4 every year has just been great lately.

    • Could not agree more, the levy bashing is just ridiculous. Yes I wish he was more pacient with managers but the improvements in the club under levy/lewis has been massive. We have top training facilities, a brilliant new stadium coming and Commercial we are improving every year. Are league postions in the 10 years before enic were 15th, 8th, 15th, 7th, 8th, 10th, 14th, 11th, 10th, 12th is that really what we prefere??


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