Much as we all like to criticise Tim Sherwood whenever he drops a couple of points or goes behind early on, it must be particularly annoying to start each press conference with a question over the next manager. It happened again after the Stoke win and this time, our current Head Coach was uncompromising in his answer.

“Every press conference I do it’s ‘this manager’s coming in … Van Gaal … then Hoddle, this one and that one’,” Sherwood said.

“Some of these managers are actually touting themselves for my job. I don’t think that’s right.

“It’s something that doesn’t sit well with me. If anyone ever asks me about another job I just tell them that they’ve got another manager.

“Until they haven’t got a manager and until I haven’t got a job, say nothing.”

Sherwood went on to state his own case and argued that his task had been carried out under difficult circumstances.

“I’ve done all right, you know, it’s been hard,” he added.

“I’ve had to keep my discipline, I suppose, and my dignity, pride and just get on with the job.

“That’s all I’ve tried to do. It is an honour to manage this football club and long may it continue.

“Last season we had Gareth Bale running up the field and sticking it in the top corner a number of times, 21 goals and nine assists.

“So we’ve had to find a different way to score goals. To get your left-back inside the box and score a header shows the work that has been done.

“We have to be more expansive and open to play that way.”

Despite the issues in the dugout, we are two wins away from equalling last year’s tally of 72 points. Does Tim Sherwood have any chance of staying in his post for 2014/15?



  1. Hes a complete tit and out of his depth managing spurs… we would be higher in league if avb stayed. Sick hearing about transfers in and out!!! We need a good manager and and stability to the team starting at left back and left midfield.. our supposed spurs flops have shown signs of what they can do.. soldado, capoue, eriksen, ciriches, psulinho and lamela will show there worth next season and provr criticd wrong.. coys

  2. I feel for him, it’s not his fault he got the job, and he’s done alright (results wise) since he took over. He’s right, point for point he’s up there. I’m just not convinced he’s the man I want in charge of our club for the next few years.

  3. Sorry tim but it isn’t ”your job”, you were never really given managerial status it was like putting a plaster on an old cut to stop it re-opening when we promoted you from our backroom staff. COYS!

  4. I find it indecent and disrespectful from journalists and so called ” fans ” who have questioned Tim’s tenure since day one of his appointment. A genuine fan should always be right behind the whole team. Given the circumstances, I must say he has done a marvelous job. He deserves much credit for bringing on players he had nurtured at youth level with a very good degree of success. These players are , above all, Tottenham fans and NOT mercenaries. Long may it continue. We must keep Tim as manager and try to bring someone like ex Bayern Munich coach,Jupp Heynkes in an advisory role. I strongly believe that such a combination will prove very beneficial to spurs and tame us miles ahead on the road to success and the glory glory days.

    • Hes a complete and utter nob, he doesnt have any qualifications? He speaks un proessionally and tactically hasnt the skills. Yes hes got a few results but avb would have done better if left in position. Tim was never the man jusr a stop gap and he knows it… i back spurs through thick and thin but not with tim!!! Hes a prick….


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