The ‘big’ team news ahead of tomorrow’s end of season clash with Aston Villa is that Etienne Capoue is available again after a spell on the sidelines but the most likely destination for the Frenchman is the bench.

With Younes Kaboul suspended, Tim Sherwood may just be tempted to play Capoue in the centre of defence if he decides that Vlad Chiriches represents too much of a risk. Meanwhile, Erik Lamela, Jan Vertonghen, Kyle Walker, Nacer Chadli, Mousa Dembele and Andros Townsend are all ruled out.

There had been suggestions that Sherwood may bring in some youngsters for this match with Alex Pritchard one of the contenders. However, the current head coach will aim for the positive result that takes us into Europe and while we may see a young bench, the starting XI should be a little more predictable.

Soldado for Kane is a possible switch but otherwise it’s a fairly predictable line up for us. What’s your view?



  1. Paulinho, Soldado and Sigurdsson in the team is a joke.

    Is this article a wind up on Spurs fans?

    Paulinho is the biggest donkey ever to play for Spurs.

  2. 4231





    Would love to see this team but this will be the team






  3. Paulinho should never play for Spurs again. He is a disgrace and a very poor footballer. He is championship level at best.

  4. Rose and Paulinho have been by far the worst players at Spurs this season. I wouldn’t even call them footballers. In fact, I cannot think of any worse players in Spurs history.

    • Paulinho has been playing in centre without a holding player next to him….. This restricts his actual game…. And doesn’t allow him to break into the opposition box, which is what his real game is about….. Without the enforcer behind him it doesn’t give him that freedom….. This is why he hasn’t fulfilled his potential in every game

      • Not true – there have been plenty of games where Paulinho has been in the attacking midfield position, with Sandro or Bentaleb as the holding midfield player. He was rubbish in those games as well.

        Paulinho is incapable of shooting on target. Most of his shots get skied over the bar. It takes him about 25 miss hit shots, before he gets one on target. He is also incapable of making incisive attacking passes and offers no creativity.

        • He isn’t an attacking midfielder….. Heirs box to box….. There is a difference!!!!!! And bentaleb offers no protection!!! I think u will find that paulinho game is suited to 433 not 442!!! U people need to actually play football to understand it

      • Oh, yeah of course…his real game as a box to box midfielder is breaking into the box. Funny that his shot is one of the worst of any Brazillian in the history of football. And he’s too lazy to track back quick enough at the other end. You know nothing about football (and struggle to even read)…as confirmed by your team selection above.

        • Ur an idiot and probably an over weight retired twat….. I know football…. And the hardest part of the game is to take up positions where u are able to score….. Lampard scored 7 in his first two seasons at Chelsea, then he started getting double figures!! U have no clue….. Probably wank off bentaleb like Tim deadwood!!! Idiot

  5. All this Paulinho bashing is to be understood,but watch how good he will be in the Brazilian starting 11 in the upcoming World Cup.Goes to show how poor the management/coaching under both AVB and TS has been this season.I would like to see a youngster like Velkovic given a chance in the last game of the season.

  6. Paulinho is like when we bought Gilberto he is just a crap jermain jenas rose awful Chadli embarrassment saldado pony Chiriches average capoue not as good as Livermore or huddlestone erikson best of a bad bunch lamela????? Vertonghen can go no heart it ain’t as if he’s Ledley ADe world class some days rubbish the next 25 years season ticket holder it’s disappointing

  7. Who will be hate today. Answer Paulinho. Lets keep moaning about Bentaleb for a rainy day when I feel down – not optimistic when it rains. Paulinho is just a Brazil international who is not good enough for the season ticket price. Still onwards and downwards in the support of our players.

    • Paulinho has gone missing for the majority of the time in games and has nothing much to offer when he does occasionally do something.

  8. Mathew u are just as clueless as outgoing Sherwood. After the defenders is that a team. The pack are all push forward strikers and midfielders. Who is a natural shielded of defense. Common sense says Sandro or Capoune must hold and shield the defense. The same mistake the man made at West Ham.

  9. Lloris

    Fredricks Dawson chiriches fryers

    Pritchard Sandro Capoue Rose



    May aswell give the young players a go would also like to see eriksen playing further forward behind saldado

  10. Just play the youngsters ,give Lennon,Rose,naughton,Dawson,siggy their p 45s and then I might watch our last match and kick the **** out of sherwood and the guy who writes this blog both don’t have a clue

  11. I would give the U-21 team a go at this last game. Would like us to lose and Man U to win so they can slag off on Thursdays to some Uzbekistan-type location for their football thank you very much. We need as much help as we can get next season to get back to basics with a coach who has a sense for organization, tactics, man management, etc…and we don’t need the Europa League distractions to screw it up for us. So give the young players a run and let them have some fun. It’s not like the first team players have been trying anyway!

  12. Such fickle fans. Its not been great but we are 6th. Few in and few out and get a proper experienced coach in a we will be fine. As for this Paulinho is the worst player ever rubbish – must be why he is in the Brazil national team

    • The current Brazilian players are over rated, just because they are from Brazil. The only one who is really talented is Neymar.

      When you think of their players in the past like: Pele, Garrincha, Zico, Eder, Romario etc. the current bunch look very average.

      Paulinho is very average for a player in UK, let alone Brazil. He is athletic but doesn’t possess the skills, creativity, passing or shooting ability of the Brazilians of the past.

      I have watched every Spurs game this season and Paulinho has done very little to warrant a place in the squad. He is more of a championship player.

  13. Did someone say Paulinho is a box to box player that is someone who bosses the MF, someone capable of good defence and attack, someone with a great engine who can cover every blade of grass, and someone thinks this is Paulinho?


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