Sherwood sacked…

At least that’s what Sky Sports are breaking right now although at the time of writing, there is no official word from the club.

It seems a 59% win ratio wasn’t enough and as widely expected, the current Spurs Head Coach leaves White Hart Lane after taking over from Andre Villas-Boas in December. Further news will doubtlessly follow but the questions will recommence over Tim’s potential successor.



  1. At last!! Thankful that Levy didn’t hang about on this one, but you get the feeling that there will be no appointment until the end of May at least!! Please not Pochettino – he’s a decent guy but it will be like going back to another AVB. We need a more experienced guy like Benitez at the helm to get our squad properly firing!!!!

  2. Nothing to do with win ratios. Criticising the players in public and alienating them, criticising the board, constantly telling everyone how good he is.

    If he’d acted with some of the maturity expected of a football manager, he might still have the job.

    • You are quite right Iain, there is only room for one big ego at the club. That’s probably why we have had 9 managers in 13 years!

  3. What a twat that Levy is any reasonably succesful manager,Jol,Redknapp,Sherwood,out you go and in comes some useless foreign twonk,Ramos,avb and the next effort.Come Xnas and we are about 12th he’ll go and another mug will be brought in as interim manager and so it goes on!I think after supporting Spurs for 60 odd years I’ve just about had enough.I just hope Tim you screw them for every bit of compensation you can,you deserve it just for abuse you suffered alone.Hope to see you in charge of another EPL club soon and finish above Spurs next season.Good luck !

    • We are constantly told that Spurs is a very well run club. We were told Bale would not be sold – he was! We were promised a new ground – still not built! The target was top four – we finished sixth! We’ll have another revolving door of players coming in and out in the summer and when the team bombs some bright spark at the club will say too many players’ were signed in one go. If Franco Baldini and Daniel Levy oversee the signings we will have a 1 in 7 chance of signing someone half decent!

  4. Spurgatso, you are so biased you actually come across as retarded. “Successful managers like Jol, Redknapp and Sherwood” yet you call AVB a twonk. AVB was our best successful manager ever. Jol and AVB were both foreign yet both did more to advance spurs squad than any other manager in the prem era. Jol was very successful relative to the squad he had at the time and so was AVB. When AVB arrived, Spurs had a burnt out 11 players playing an obsolete 442, the key player of which was adamant he was going to real Madrid before the season started. In little over a year AVB had turned Bale into a world class player and turned Spurs into a 25 man squad jam packed with promise and genuine quality. Sherwood like Redknapp before him alienated and froze out a lot of the squad and created a lot of very expensive bench warmers through his ineptitude. I read your posts Spurgatso and as you seem to love Sherwood and Redknapp so much, I feel bad to argue with you because you are clearly a bit thick not to be able to see how bad they were…

    • Slightly harsh Spurtwatso, Harry Redknapp whether you like it or not saved us from relegation after the Ramos fiasco, secured qualification for our first ever champions league campaign and we got to the quarter finals at our first attempt. He nutured the spine of a very good team until Daniel Levy sold Modric, VDV and Bale, as of course every player is for sale at the right price. The building of the new ground will mean there will be no money for new players and the 6 duff signings brought in by Daniel Levy and Franco Baldini will mean that 6th is about the best we can expect next season.

  5. So Tim Sherwood with a 59.1% win percentage gets the sack, whereas, Daniel Levy who sold Bale and Franco Baldini who brought in 6 dodgy players to replace him, both keep their jobs! What Justice! I suspect if Mr Levy gets the new appointment wrong he will be the next out of the door! Its nice that Sky Sports appear to have done the club’s dirty work for them by announcing his departure! Hasn’t Levy learnt anything from the Jol sacking debacle?What’s the betting the club will sell the one good signing Baldini made this summer?


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