In a week where talk of the next Tottenham manager is set to dominate, it’s hard to weed out anything interesting from the small selection of transfer rumours but there are a number of stories linking us to current and former England internationals.

Gareth Barry, James Milner and Ben Foster are all mentioned today in various parts of the media but is a move for any of these players likely and would you want any of them to happen?

A move for a goalkeeper could be on the cards this summer: Brad Friedel celebrates his 43rd birthday today while rumours persist that Hugo Lloris could return to France having missed out on Champions League football.

Milner is apparently unhappy at his lack of opportunity at the Etihad and although he featured in 26 of Manchester City’s 38 league games, many of those were as a substitute.

Barry is the interesting link and this is a man who has been mentioned as a possible Spurs player since his Brighton days. He is 33 now but was the choice of many Everton fans as their player of the season. Barry is now back at City to face an uncertain future and while Roberto Martinez will undoubtedly be keen to line up a permanent deal, it’s claimed that Tottenham will move in to hijack it.

Would you like to see Barry, Foster or Milner line up as a Spurs player in the next campaign?



  1. Until we get a central creative mid, no-one will fit the new look Spurs. We will just keep playing unattractive disjointed football in the attacking 3rd and we’ll continue to look like a load of duds which we aren’t…

  2. How do you or any of us know what the ‘new look’ Spurs will look like, until the manager has been announced?

    Also, Brad was 43 yesterday, not today.

    I know it’s a time of year when there is little to write about, but you’re better than this!!!

  3. Why do u wankers even still care?! Ain’t u happy now you’ve all set the club back two years just like I said when u pricks were so desperate and got avb sacked and now the same wankers don’t want pochettino sacked before he’s even got the job! Are u all so thick to not look a little closer to home?!

  4. Spur you haven’t got a clue. A defensive minded left back and leader in the centre halve postion needed. We have too much in midfield. Anda forward a must not a soldado type but more of a big hold up player lukaku maybe or of a similar mold!

    • Spot on nellyid, my thoughts exactly! Real supporters know what’s needed and what’s not. Lukaku would be a supreme buy.

      • God, you people are retarded, you are no doubt the same people that were calling for Soldado over Willian last season, or another striker over Moutinho the season before. Strikers need the ball you morons, the problem this season and last is they haven’t had it enough. But sure the answer is just buy another striker…god you people are stupid…

  5. Barry maybe..Milner definitely..great mentality..something we lack a lot of…what about going for Valdes for GK if Hugo was to leave?


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