After two injury hit years at Tottenham, French International Younes Kaboul did play a larger part in the club’s league campaign for 2013-14 but a total of 11 appearances in the Premiership may not be enough to keep him in the squad for next season.

Kaboul is still only 28 and when he did take to the field, we did see some fleeting glimpses of the defender at his best but now that he has just a year left on his contract, will the club attempt to cash in and take what will probably be their last chance of landing a transfer fee?

West Ham are said to be interested in taking the player to Upton Park but, assuming that Spurs have enough cover for 2014-15, would you be tempted to let Younes Kaboul leave White Hart Lane?



  1. Just let him go. Slow and looks obese. No idea why he’s picked instead of chiriches. If westham wants him.. just sell him.

  2. I’d give him a pre-season just to see how he shapes up, people forget he was out for nearly 2 years. He made some mistakes this season but no more than someone like Sandro who had similar injuries. We shouldn’t be too hasty to throw out players, many previously reliable ones had terrible seasons, we have lost enough character over the last 12 months already.

    The new manager needs to be open-minded and give everybody a thorough going-over in pre-season before deciding to ship anybody out.

  3. I would prefer Kaboul is given an extended contract and brought back to full fitness. With Dawson now too slow for the premiership I feel Kaboul would make the ideal captain. He has a proven track record in the league.

  4. I respect him but…after he has recovered from his many injuries, he seems a little slow. How many cards for tackles from behind because he was beat?? Exactly.

  5. This may seem harsh but he’s not what he once was. Although he’s been out thru injury, he still looks cumbersome and is not aware of what’s going on around him. Definitely an improvement on Donkeyson who is just about as bad as anything in his position outside of the top six. If this geeza in the article is fit, just get him in

  6. I do agree that since his injury he is looking a little slow…but at his best they say that he is quicker than Bale over 100m.

    I don’t know why Spurs sold Chalker to Cardiff last summer! He would bring a stronger defence in to the Spurs heart which would see Kaboul pushed down the pecking order.

    Dawson has been a decent servant but like Kaboul I think it’s time to say “Thank you and goodbye”.
    Spurs need to make smart choices rather than the mistake they did last summer while spending 100 million and coming away with one decent player (Eriksen)

    Come on Spurs…we are a top 4 team easily and it is now time to start showing this to your fans.

  7. Let’s not be too hasty – Give him a full pre season, at least. When fit he’s easily the quickest and strongest of our centre backs.
    Vlad is good on the ball but gets bullied, Dawson has the leadership skills but not the speed, Verts looks like his head is anywhere but at the Lane.
    If he breaks down again then we need to look at our our options


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