Monaco already have one former Spurs striker in their ranks but reports from today’s Daily Mail suggest that the big spending French club are looking to bring in Emmanuel Adebayor alongside Dimitar Berbatov ahead of the next campaign.

Ade spent three years at Monaco from 2003 but left to join Arsenal after a modest return of around one goal in every four matches but is was from that point that he developed into more of a striking threat. After top scoring for Spurs with 14 in 25 games at the end of 2013-14, the Mail claims that owner Dmitry Rybololev has identified the Togolese as his number one target as the club look to offer a stronger challenge to PSG next season.

The obvious problem with this story is that neither club has a manager right now. Monaco parted company with Claudio Ranieri earlier in the week while the report goes on to claim that Spurs are waiting on Carlo Ancelotti before making a formal approach to Mauricio Pochettino.

Once things are settled on both sides, Tottenham will make a decision on Adebayor’s future: Should he be retained or is now the time to sell?



  1. Selling our best player for the third summer in a row is not going to help us. We would get a minimal fee while losing a huge number of goals and assists. It would be as dumb as selling Van Der Vaart was if not dumber (as Ade has not become a tubby wife-stealer).

      • The planet where Ade was our best goalscorer this season? Planet Earth, I think it’s called.

        Sherwood said a lot of dumb things in his time here but his point about losing Bale, Defoe and Dempsey was 100% true. We lost 40 league goals with those 3 players and only started to score this season once Adebayor came back. Selling proven goalscorers is always a mistake unless you have a surefire replacement coming in. I see people saying ‘we can do better than Ade’ but look at our last few striker signings. Soldado, Pavlyuchenko, Saha, Crouch, Bent, Adebayor is in another universe to those guys.

  2. I hope he goes as i hate him with a passion.He`s only one of our best players when it suits him & that`s not often enough.
    Spurs will not miss Adebayor as this team needs reliable players who don`t disrupt the squad & demand special treatment all the time.
    Lennon can leave aswell,useless

    • And replace his goals with whom ?!? You need replacements lined up before you can ship players out…Christ !

      • Good point about the replacement but i think for Ade, it’s more of a chicken/egg situation because of his enormous salary:Maybe getting rid of him might free up the funds (transfer fee and salary) to get someone new?

        On a bright side, Coulibaly and Winks were offered a new contracts. Not that they are anywhere close to Ade’s level but they both have bright futures 🙂

  3. Question: What do you think of Tottenham?
    Answer: Shit.
    Question: What do you think of shit?
    Answer: Tottenham.



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