Since Sunday it’s been pretty clear that Mauricio Pochettino would become the next Spurs manager and today the speculation has been confirmed.

The reaction from Tottenham’s support seems to indicate that the majority of fans are behind the appointment but as is always the way, there are some very vocal naysayers.

Both Pochettino and the other realistic candidate — Frank de Boer — have question marks on their resumes where answers would ideally be. Yet De Boer’s four Dutch titles are taken as proof amongst some that he is a proven winner, while Pochettino is dismissed as lacking experience.

It should be remembered that Christian Gross won six titles in Switzerland. De Boer’s achievements are impressive but a well-run Ajax should always win the Dutch league, much in the same way that Bayern Munich’s size dictates that they only finish second in Germany when they are not performing at their best.

Pochettino has never been at a club with a realistic shot at winning something or even qualifying for the Champions League, but he’s arguably been as successful as De Boer, as he’s overseen the journey of relegation-threatened sides to the right end of the table.

Since joining Southampton he’s proved that he can get his side playing attractive and effective football in the Premier League. Pochettino has done this while utilising the young players available to him, with the likes of Adam Lallana and Jay Rodriguez making giant strides under his leadership.

These are qualities badly needed at Spurs. Again, some dismiss these achievements, arguing that Pochettino merely inherited a freakishly talented crop of youngsters at Southampton. It’s true that there are some good players in that Southampton squad but the one he’ll inherit at Tottenham is stronger. Christian Eriksen is a better player than Lallana, while Erik Lamela has more raw talent than Rodriguez.

There are bigger questions regarding Pochettino’s abilities in the transfer market. Southampton spent considerably in the summer to bring in three players. Only Dejan Lovren was an unqualified success, with the jury still out on Victor Wanyama and Pablo Osvaldo proving a highly avoidable disaster.

This of course, could prove a moot point if Daniel Levy doesn’t support Pochettino by buying the players he wants. He failed to sign Joao Moutinho for Andre Villas-Boas two summers ago, leaving the then Spurs manager high and dry without a midfield playmaker.

We all know what happened to AVB and this is another area where Levy must do better. The chairman has proved so trigger-happy that Pochettino will be under pressure from the media as soon as his side suffers a blip in form. Levy must ensure that the manager and his squad know that more patience will be afforded on this occasion.

Pochettino has been given a five-year contract but that may be more to do with the Argentine being in a strong bargaining position than any intent on Levy’s part. Whatever the reality, Levy has to hold his nerve. Even if his new manager does improve Tottenham next season, finishing in the top four will be tough.

Last season’s Champions League qualifiers will all be looking to strengthen their squad this summer, while Manchester United will surely make major improvements. Only Everton look likely to be weaker, with the future of last season’s loanee Romelu Lukaku key to their hopes of building on their recent success. Spurs are currently rated as the 7/2 fifth favourites to finish in the top four with Betfair.

Levy normally sacks any manager that fails — or looks like they will fail — to crack the top four. This would be fine if he was providing these managers with a transfer and wage budget to match these ambitions. As he’s not, it’s a policy that makes absolutely no sense.

Pochettino has a lot to prove at Spurs but not as much as Levy. If Tottenham’s next manager is to prove successful then Levy must show that he’s learned from a decade of mistakes.

The jokes are already doing the rounds about Pochettino being sacked but maybe it’s Levy that’s really under pressure. He has to get it right this time and having made his call, has to have faith in his own decision.

Mauricio Pochettino and Daniel Levy will either succeed or fail together.



  1. Agree about Levy but he’s already dropped a clanger in my opinion.Poncho has not done as well as either avb orSherwood in the EPL .We have better players? how come many Spurs fans are shouting for us to buy a large part of the Saints squad.Poncho avb Mk 2.Sorry.

  2. I’m hoping that this appointment signifies a sea change in Levy’s approach to hiring the first team coach. I think he’s gone for potential rather than a proven track record in MoPo. This means he has to hold his nerve and give his man space and time. The thrust of this article is spot on – Levy cannot afford to get it wrong again.

  3. Pochettino knows how to get his team playing in a certain style, high pressing, high tempo attacking football which apparently is what spurs are all about. Really don’t understand the negativity. AVB was negative, Sherwood had no plan at all. At least Levy can see that Poch knows where he wants to take a team and has the proven ability to do that in England.
    I agree however, this is probably Levy’s last chance

  4. Sorry guys, but Levy is under no pressure at all. His decisions and his leash do not go hand in hand. It seems he’s responsible for all decisions at the club, but not accountable for any of it. Pochettino is definitely a gamble, a decent gamble, but we also thought the same about AVB. It’s time to let the manager/coach just do his job, and support him for a while. I’m so tired of this revolving door into nothing.

  5. Its simple, just support our team!!! Hes the right man for the job…he plays good attacking football and a high tempo game. He needs time and hopefuly will get it. De boer has won mickey mouse leauges… pochetino will bring out the best in lamela and eriksen who can be match winners just themselves. Lets hope he kicks rose in to touch…coys and welcome to Pochettino…

  6. Personally I’m excited by his appointment. Not the glamorous, high-profile signing so many hoped for but he COULD be great. That seems more in line with Spurs than just buying the finished product at whatever price.

    Whether or not you agree, thought, he needs time. Changing to a new manager — even a better manager — is worse than sticking with someone how knows the squad and the squad understand and are comfortable in the system being played.
    Sacking the manager should only be an option when the direction they are taking the team is at odds with the team’s philosophy (could make that case for AVB) or they are utterly incompetent (an epithet that is too easily tossed about).

    Implementing a new system, language issues, trying to incorporate new players will all take time and even with a poor finish I’d stick with the manager and build on that foundation. After 3 seasons I think you could objectively evaluate a manager. Sorry for the long post.

  7. There’s gonna be a fire sale at Man U, I say we buy them all,
    Ashley young,Phil jones,Johnny Evans,welbeck,Hernandez should be worth it, a couple of years ago all these players would have cost us a fortune. I’m sure we can get these guys on the cheap. Another player who we might be able to get on the cheap is michu the guys quality a better cheaper version of lallana and Rodriguez mixed.
    My team for next season( budget)


    Walker/clyne Caulker/ Evans Vert/chirches Buttner

    Sandro Dembele/holtby

    Lamela Eriksen A young/Townsend


  8. Hopefully we have this team


    Walker J Evans Vert Contreao

    Sandro Dembele

    Lamela Eriksen/michu Konopylanka


    Sell Lennon,naughton,rose,Dawson,capoue,soldado,livermore,bentalab,


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