Tottenham midfielder Paulinho is getting ready for this summer’s World Cup but he took time out from Brazil’s preparations to speak to the press about his situation at White Hart Lane. Towards the end of last season, the player expressed his frustration at being left on the bench by Tim Sherwood and hinted that he might look elsewhere at the first opportunity.

“I always want to play,” Paulinho said at the end of March. “I understand the team rotation because that’s how it works here, but I am not feeling well or comfortable. I want to be present, I want to play.”

Speaking to the press over the weekend however, the Brazilian played down the issue.

“I was on bench for a period, but I never considered returning to Brazil,” he told Globo Esporte.

“It’s complicated for a player when he goes to Europe, you have to be strong.

“Of course I did talk with my agent, it’s normal when you are upset. But the talk of returning to Brazil never existed, it never crossed my mind.”

Those words don’t necessarily rule out a move to Chelsea but while Paulinho’s season ended on a positive note, his future will be down to the opinion of a new head coach. Will Mauricio Pochettino look more favourably on the player than his predecessor?




  1. ‘Paulinho happy to stay at Spurs?’

    Why is there a question mark in that headline, especially when Paulinho has been quoted several times in recent weeks saying that he is fine about playing for Spurs? Nor can I work out who you are asking this question of. Do we casual readers know something more or other than this? It seems unlikely.

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