It’s been a very mixed World Cup to say the least for pre tournament favourites Brazil and clearly their head coach Luis Felipe Scolari hasn’t been all that impressed with Tottenham midfielder Paulinho. Having been replaced after an hour of the host nation’s 3-1 win over Croatia, the 25 year old managed to stay on the pitch for 90 minutes in the 0-0 draw with Mexico.

However, Big Phil’s patience ran out again in the final group match as Paulinho was withdrawn at half time during the 4-1 victory against Cameroon.

Despite heading Group A, Brazil have not been convincing and neither has their London based midfielder.

As the 2013-14 season came to a close, Paulinho was linked with a big money move to Chelsea. That may or may not have been likely but lacklustre displays in this World Cup mean that the midfielder will almost certainly be back at White Hart Lane next season.




  1. I hope he is back at the Lane next season so he can prove all these so called experts and doubters wrong. He is a fine player in a bad run of form after playing 72 games almost non-stop has settled into a new league and country had injuries been targeted by morons like C.Adams and still scored 9 goals from midfield. Do you think Mourinho wants him cos hes crap? Mourinho has likened him to Lampard and I think he is right but I want him to be our Lampard for years and not theirs.

    • Deluded is what comes to mind. Lampard knows how to shoot on target. Lampard can score from all angles and distances with both feet. Paulinho only has one foot and skys most of his shots over the bar.

  2. I think if rested can do a good job for spurs next season. We need sandro, verts and lloris to stay… what a big puff suarez is biting!! He wouldnt of done that to stuart pearce????? Would have no teeth left…

  3. Absolute rubbish player. Must be the most overrated player ever to play for Spurs.

    He is not that good at anything. Most of his shots are way off target. He doesn’t know how to make incisive forward passes. In most of Spurs matches he was anonymous. He doesn’t offer any creativity. Even his defending is average at best.

  4. Paulinho was anonymous most of last season for Spurs and he continues to do the same for Brazil. He somehow manages to continue to be picked despite doing nothing – he doesn’t break up play like a combative holding midfielder nor does he create or score goals going forward. He’s basically a box to box midfielder who jogs around accomplishing just about nothing. I hope he turns things around for Tottenham, but so far he’s shown nothing.

  5. Paulinho continues to disappoint but he has ability and as regards a rest he wont get one!
    Lets be honest about last year-the following are not champions league players if that is our true ambition
    Dawson now a liability and must be sold
    Naughton not up to standard
    Kaboul injury prone
    Sandro love the beast but injury prone and out of form -sell
    Clearout again but this time buy in the areas of need
    Sigurdson sell
    Adebayor cash in now and do not give contract
    Lennon hardly ever scores or delivers aquality cross
    Kane would be a good championship player but isnt even good cover
    With these funds and livermore sold we need to buy 5 good in exchange for these nine
    Quality not quantity and in that we need two centre backs a left back and two proven strikers
    Please let lamela be asgood as his videos promised and pochettino takes no nonsense
    Shore up the back and give us a potent strikeforce

  6. The moment Brazil took Paulinho off against Cameroon, his replacement, Fernandinho, set up a goal and then scored one. I don’t understand how Paulinho keeps his place in the team.

    • Exactly, I have been wondering this all season. How on earth does Paulinho get picked for Spurs? Even Sherwood was quoted as saying that he offers little for Brazil because he doesn’t have the guile.

      It reminds me of Jermaine Jenas when he used to somehow fool managers into picking him. Even Jenas offered more than Paulinho, which says everything.

      • If Sherwood doesn’t rate him, then I feel much better about Paulihno returning to Spurs.

        He’s definitely not in good form, but he’s been picked as long as he has because of his work rate. I’d like to see him in a defined role where he knows what he’s supposed to do. If he settles in and starts finishing better, he gets in good enough positions to score 10+ league goals from the midfield. He scored 6 this year despite all of the criticism.

  7. Brian
    Correct about Rose and lets not forget we would still have Holtby Carroll and Dembele to consider selling.I dont believe the squad is as strong as the papers led us to believe last year and i am waiting for pochettino first signing then we will know if we will go even further into decline
    Remember avb wanted Hulk ! Well paulinho is of the same standard! Brazilian doesnt necessarily mean quality pity we didnt convince willian who is good

  8. Jermain Jenas with ‘inho’ in his name.

    Bad use of the ball and lost count of how many times he was ahead of the ball when we conceded possession last year before he ambled back in his own time to help win it back.

    Lucky, Lucky man. He’s a fraud who is being found out at this world cup. Bad news for is his value is plummeting with every passing minute – as this article alludes to.

    • He literally offered nothing against Mexico and was quite rightly singled out for criticism along with Fred. Midfield is not a area you can get away with such lethargic, slack performances for both club and country. We should sell as like Jenas he is far too inconsistent and a bottler and we already have enough of those (Lennon).

  9. There is only 1 thing that makes Paulinho Brazilian and thats his name, he’s done nothing for Spurs and he’s at the world cup and Bernard is on the bench, don’t figure

  10. Thank you people! I have been saying that Paulinho is pants for half of last season, and that he is just a Jenas in disguise. No idea why he is so highly rated. May be worth giving him another season though, and see how he gets on: still young etc, etc.


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