As the summer wears on, it is starting to look less likely that Spurs will make a move to snap up their former player Steven Caulker. The centre half was sold to Cardiff 12 months ago and despite impressing in their back four, he couldn’t prevent the Bluebirds from being relegated.

It subsequently emerged that the player had a release clause in his contract should the Welsh side drop back into the Championship and that prompted a host of White Hart Lane links, even before the season came to a close.

The other club widely tipped to go in for Caulker were Liverpool whose manager Brendan Rodgers looked after the player when he took a loan spell at Swansea. In time, Arsenal were also mentioned but recently, the strength of connected teams seems to have taken a dip.

According to today’s press, Caulker’s choice is a move back to London to either Crystal Palace or his former boss Harry Redknapp at QPR. Does the defender really deserve to be in another relegation battle or is it time for Tottenham to make their move?



  1. Spurs should have never sold caulker in the first place, they should also go for the Celtic and Dutch centre half. I’m not sure how you pronounce his name. Then sell Michael Dawson as although he always gives 100 per cent he is not fast or skill full enough

  2. Ah the magical abilities of avb in the transfer market !He got rid of our good uns and bought a load of pony and trap.We will be paying the price for the idiot for a long time yet.So what do we do we hire avb Mk2.Cometh xmas yet another manager.etc etc

    • Blame levy the wanker for sacking redknapp and taking avb on a failure at chelsea but know it all cunt levy thinks he knows best,now thanks to him we are way behind arsenal again the only good thing is them slags are only the 4th best team now instead of being up at the top

  3. Here we are meddling with this again… oh well, I would rather have this than the papers blowing up gossip about bigger clubs circling around the Lane for Ericksen and Vertonghen as has been the tradition for the last few years. Still, no rumors of big time signings…. again. Balotelli or Sanchez to Arsenal? Vidal and Levezzi to United? Suarez to Barca? Falcao to Real? Pogba to Chelsea? Who to us? Levy’s goal is to transform us into one of the elites in the game. The rumor pages don’t seem to agree.

  4. I thought selling caulker was a great bit of business on levi’s behalf! Caulker was on the scrap heap with no value until we sent him on loan, ok he had an ok spell then when back with us was average at best. Levi getting a nice fee for him was shrewd business, the only mistake made was not signing someone with prem experience to replace him.
    With news of Davies on the verge I would love to hear more news of deals for a centre half and forward. I wasn’t optimistic when we got avb or Sherwood but for some reason, hopefully intuition, I’m really looking forward to the coming season. It would be nice to read some fellow spurs fans being realistic not pessimistic or optimistic!
    COYS for life!

  5. Here is a song to remember the premier league of 2004. (sang to the tune of “Oh when the saints go matching in.”

    We won the league
    at white shite lane
    we won the league
    at white shite lane……

    • Yea the Arersnal fans have a lot of songs don’t they? Do you remember the one where a group of people from Woolwich, they Wondered themselves to North London then started to pretend they originate from there?

      It does not matter what this group of people win, abandoning your home and forgetting where they are from is an act of a loser in my book, I am sure you would agree.


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