Hugo LLoris’ French side are out of the World Cup after Friday’s 1-0 defeat at the hands of Germany and according to the Tottenham keeper, he may face an uncertain future at club level.

Speaking to the press in the wake of the German defeat, Hugo said,

“I do not know about my future. I have another three years on my contract with Tottenham and this is the most important thing.

“Currently I am only focused on my holidays, having the chance to relax, and then we’ll see in the coming days.”

However, Lloris also went on to comment about Tottenham’s transfer policy, suggesting that his thoughts are firmly on his current employers.

“Of course, now they have a lot of money to spend and now it is up to the leaders to spend it well.”

It’s hard to really read too much into these comments which were made to Tutto Mercato and relayed by Inside Futbol. Hugo’s team had just been knocked out of the World Cup and did he really want to go into detail about his club future? Is there anything we can really take from these quotes?



  1. I dont like it when players start saying dont know where my future is when they are under contract, my view is if you want out fuck off I only want to see players at the club who want to be there.

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