If you ever believe what you read then Tottenham’s left back pursuit has switched targets this week with Chelsea’s Ryan Bertrand reinstated as number one priority. Meanwhile, the fact that Spurs seem to have moved on from Ben Davies might just have been confirmed by the Swansea Chairman.

“There’s a lot of speculation about Ben at the moment, as there is with a lot of players at this time of year,” said Huw Jenkins.

“There was an initial interest from Tottenham, but there has been nothing since.”

First claims suggested that Spurs had offered £8m for Davies’ services while his current employers were holding out for £12m. Talks of a possible £10m – meet in the middle – deal then started doing the rounds before further complicated transactions involving a number of Spurs and Swansea players were mooted.

It’s always impossible to know which stories are real and which are fictitious but the fact that there has been silence on the Ben Davies deal might suggest that this should also be filed along with the rest of the non-starters.



  1. We seem to be consistantly losing targets to other clubs this window. Perhaps they were never targets in the firt place, but I am fed up with reading flipping Liverpool being linked to every player we are, and it seems that they are first choice over us every time. I don’t think we are an attractive enough option for a lot of the players we are supposedly after. We will never get Benteke, Lukaku, Hernandez etc, as we cannot offer them the chance of winning anything, or Champions League football. Four players that are available and would come…Bony (18-20m) proven epl goalscorer, Konyplanka (10-12m) outstanding on left wing, Rodriguez(12

    • Cmon Mark.

      We have been first choice over Liverpool for years and their fans have been frustrated season after season of their targets favouring Spurs. The one time they have a good season, and suddenly they are reaping the benefits. But lets be clear, their run last season was down to one man. He is leaving. They have already spent 40-odd million on nobody special.

      Don’t panic. Left back aside, I’m interested to see what Poch can do with the talented squad he has at his disposal before I start being concerned.

      Rodriguez? … jeez – that guy could walk into any team. He wouldnt come to any PL team I suspect.

      Davies – is an average player who didn’t catch the eye. Swansea fans aren’t fretting over losing him and that says a lot to me, rather than the spurs fans that see him linked and suddenly (based on nothing) think he is the answer.

      Chill, people.

      • I agree. We splashed our cash last year, no need to do it this year. Some people famously said we would need to bleed our troops before they would work well together. I think its time we give them a chance. Liverpool just did what we did last year, sell their best man. So I hope we can take this chance to pip them to 4th and try to keep United down. That will be harder to do since Chelsea, Arsenal and City look to have powered up completely to another level.

  2. m) very very good left back, and resign Caulker. Add those four, and with Poch getting more out of some of our existing players, then we will be far more able to compete with the best in the epl!

  3. Main article. At last, a writer who knows the difference between ‘mooted’ and ‘muted’! Well done Matthew Harris. Let’s play it cool with Davies, we don’t need to spend more than £10m on him just because Luke Shaw went to UTD for a ridiculous sum.


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