The draw has been made for the final qualifying round of this season’s Europa League and Spurs will play Cypriot side AEL Limassol. The first leg of the tie will take place in Cyprus on August 21st with the return scheduled for White Hart Lane a week later.

Limassol finished 2013-14 in second place in the Cypriot first division and have an unfamiliar side with a number of never heard of before names so it’s very much a trip into the unknown at this stage.

Looking at the remaining teams in the draw it could have been a whole lot worse but can the Cypriots provide any sort of test later this month?



    • The Uefa Cup is a much bigger prestige trophy than the FA Cup! We have a good chance of getting into the final of this. Arsenal have no chance of winning the Champions League! The teams are far better than your just top four team. Which I dont see you getting in the top four or a title run this season! Liverpool, Chelsea have bought well and Man City and Man U will finish above you this Season. Spurs will be close and hopefully go above the Arse Bandits and Wenger Peado boys! Coys

      • Lol. Assuming you’re right. Man united gets ahead of us and we are pushed down to fifth place. That would mean your lot are pushed even farther down the table thereby missing out on Thursday nights. Good argument, gav. I’m starting to like you.

          • gav, its not worth reasoning with Mertscieny. but i disagree with the Europa Cup being worth more than the FA Cup. This Cup can only be contested by just better than mid table clubs, or Champions League teams that have dropped out of group play. Thats pretty low. We just need to focus on winning the FA Cup and reaching top 4. I would take that every year.

  1. Oh great, another long trip in Europe.
    Of the 5 teams we could have been drawn against, this one was easily the furthest away.

    Just once, it would be nice to get drawn against team not on the other side of Europe.

    • teams from our side of the continent are a wee bit better, so i don’t mind these affairs. still.. the more our club’s great name gets versus these other club’s names, our prestige takes a little ding every time. until we start playing in the champion’s league… i might rather not play these games at all.

  2. It’s a 4 hour flight for gods sake and I would prefer a friendly place like Cyprus to most so called other European Countries.


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