There were a number of good things to come out of Saturday’s 2-1 win over German side Schalke including a Man of the Match performance from Lewis Holtby and goals for each of our main strikers Lewis Holtby and Emmanuel Adebayor.

Meanwhile, the challenge to Lewis for that particular accolade came from a slightly unexpected source – new signing Eric Dier. We’d heard good things about the England under 21 international but unless you stream Portuguese top flight football into your living room every weekend, it was hard to know what to expect.

What we got was a very mature performance and one which suggests that Dier may have a bigger role to play in the forthcoming campaign than many of us expected.

“I was really happy to get out there on the pitch,” said Eric on the club’s official website.

“It’s obviously my first time playing at the stadium and it was a fantastic experience. We made lots of changes and it can be hard to keep the same momentum in that situation, but we played well and I was really happy with my first game.

“I hope to keep improving but I’m happy with the start. It’s great to be here.”

Along with another newcomer Ben Davies, club ambassador Ledley King expects Dier to become a top class acquisition.

“The players that we’ve brought in, especially the two defenders are young players and they’re a view towards the future of the club and it’s important to bring in players that will be around for a long time and grow with the club and improve into top class players. That’s what I expect from the two young players,” King said.

It’s a long way to go in a long season but Eric Dier’s performance on Saturday was certainly an impressive start.



  1. “a Man of the Match performance from Lewis Holtby and goals for each of our main strikers Lewis Holtby and Emmanuel Adebayor.”

    You sure about that?

  2. Eric Dier looked very good in that friendly match on Saturday hopefully in the near he will develop to become a first team regular time will tell on that of course.

    anyways we owe the spammers a dame good hiding on their turf this Saturday to shut the scum up once and for all that all I am thinking about right now giving them a good stuffing help them on the way to relegation 🙂 .

    Up The SPURS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Interesting use of caps there buddy…saying that, my personal preferences would be to land Mussachio and Depay as priorities, then Yedlin and Schneiderlin if possible. I’d also like us to get Bony, but think that may be pushing it…


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