There are a number of players who may seem like ‘odd men out’ at White Hart Lane right now. Vlad Chiriches and Paulinho are particularly unlikely to have a future at Spurs and while Vlad’s reported move to Arsenal sounds like a typical international week dud, maybe he will be one of the first out of the door when the transfer window opens.

Elsewhere, the Telegraph claims that as many as seven players could be set for the exit door in January. Along with the two names mentioned above, Andros Townsend, Aaron Lennon, Kyle Walker, Roberto Soldado and Mousa Dembele are the others.

An international break is the time when the most unbelievable stories emerge such as a Chiriches – Podolksi swap but it’s also a good time to reflect. January transfer windows are generally very quiet at Spurs but could we really see as many as seven players leave and if so, who is the most vulnerable?




  1. I dont care what other people say

    Based on attitude,and frustation.
    These are the players I want to see leave Spurs the most.
    Potchettino needs space to create cohesive unit without any miserable pricks bring the vibes down.

  2. Vertongen and Dembele need to stay how will we replace them with more poor players.Lets hope we don’t sell lots of players and then realize MP is not good enough.Of course we need a quick forward and a good centre half but
    have done for two years.Get rid of these three they offer nothing Lamela,Soldado and Paulino

  3. ..agree with bobo!!

    Wouldn’t miss anyone on that list.

    I would also throw in Lamela: all these players slow the game down and take 2, 3 or 4+ touches before passing it to the player closest to them (!??), or in the case of Lamela & Townsend, go on a daft solo-run and lose possession altogether.

    Unfortunately that sh*t only works against the tiny teams in Europa

  4. Naughton has only been better this season because he’s back in his prefered position.Whilst agreeing with bobo’s list(+Lamela,Rose and Lennon) how do you imagine we would replace them with quality bearing in mind our poor position.Firstly we need Poch to galvanise the players and get us performing well.By January it should be obvious whether the players or Poch go.
    I still can’t believe how we are in this situation.

  5. it would help if dembele was not played out of position every game he should be behind the strikers where he played at Fulham where he was a class act,


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