If Spurs were hoping to land any cut price deals in the January transfer window, they may need to look away from the South Coast and Southampton in particular. With Paul Mitchell crossing over as head of recruitment, can the Saints conceivably look to do business with a club who have already taken their manager for the second time in less than 15 years?

The difference between now and the Glenn Hoddle era is that Spurs are no longer looking for ageing free signings while Southampton retain a squad that will be of interest to the club, despite losing several key players over the summer.

So what can we hope for if we approach them for any likely deals? Firstly, with Southampton sitting in second place in the Premier League, any further departures could derail their season so they’re not going to want to sell until the summer.

Secondly, expect an instant price hike if Spurs are involved: A story today claims that the Saints would want Harry Kane and Andros Townsend in return for any deal involving Jay Rodriguez.

Naturally, there are other targets but the Rodriguez link had been growing even before the Mitchell news broke. As a striker with a decent record in the Premiership, he’s a good option but don’t expect his current employers to play ball.



  1. He’s undergone cruciate surgery and won’t have played in 7-8 months by the time of the January window. Is it really worth risking buying him when he may not be the player he was? Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s a great player, but I’d hold out until the summer and see how his recovery goes before buying him.

    Of course the other problem might be that the Saints look likely to finish above us, so why would he bother leaving? Look at all the other players that left Soton in the summer, how many have gone on to bigger and better things…aside from the size of their bank balance.

  2. Lets face it Saints are riding high,we’ve nosedived why would anyone want to change places.I think Mitchell was about to get the boot,again why leave ,to join up with Pancetino and the N17 Crazy Gang.We are lumbered well and truly ,hopeless squad with a few English exceptions and a useless manager.Bring back Sherwood/

  3. “Saints unlikely to cave in to any Tottenham demands”

    Spurs aren’t ‘demanding’ anything of anybody — how could they? Spurs sign players but don’t ‘demand’ a signing. They may be happy to sell some players yet do not ‘demand’ someone else buy them. The word you needed to use instead was ‘agree’, or perhaps a football-based expression like ‘play ball with’. And why would Spurs be ‘hoping to land any cut price deals’ in January when that transfer period is more likely to see players more expensive than usual, never mind ‘cut price’?

  4. Im not à expert but i do think spurs are going to turn this around and its only sherwood saying how good hé was his style was hit and miss at the time Boris Johnson would off looked good dont talk stats they can be as good or bad as you want

  5. Not sure we should sign a player that’s been out the game so long with such a bad injury, call me old fashioned, aren’t we asking for trouble, we already have 2 fucked strikers


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