Over the past couple of days reports have emerged that Spurs have failed to agree a deal to sell Younes Kaboul to Besiktas, while Parma are stalling over a move for Emmanuel Adebayor, due to his high wage demands.

Both players clearly have no future at the club, with rumours of a bust up behind the scenes and clear evidence that Mauricio Pochettino has no desire to play either of them.

Results have picked up since the duo were discarded and there is really no doubt that the best thing to do is to sell both players. They are no use to the team and are both on big salaries. It makes common sense to get both players out of the club during this window and using the monies received and saved to recruit replacements.

This is especially true if the rumours of Pochettino falling out with the duo are true. Many a young manager have struggled at a new club thanks to mutinous senior players. In such circumstances, getting rid of such troublesome figures becomes a necessity.

It should be a simple enough process to find bidders for two such high profile players but the stumbling block could be the club’s own chairman. Whether there’s any truth in the claims regarding Kaboul’s transfer fee or Adebayor’s wage demands or not, we know that in the past Daniel Levy has derailed many a deal that was in Spurs’ interests, as he tried to gain the financial upper hand.

Both players are approaching the final few years of their careers and represent a gamble for any buyers. Kaboul’s form has been dreadful since a prolonged period of injury, while Adebayor has never consistently performed for any of his clubs.

Unless he finds a complete mug – which is not a scenario that can be ruled out – Levy will not walk away from these deals with a profit. In the case of Adebayor especially, some compromise may well be needed.

It was Levy who sanctioned a deal to make Adebayor Tottenham’s best paid player, despite his history of trouble. He must have known it was a gamble and it’s one that’s gone wrong.

In such circumstances you have to cut your losses. If that means paying a cut of Adebayor’s wages until his contract expires, then Spurs should go ahead and take it on the chin. After all, Manchester City did the same thing to get him off their books, which should have acted as a warning.

Levy has rarely done the right thing by his managers but having give Pochettino a long contract, he should be prepared to swallow his pride to make his coach’s job easier.



  1. Yeah because we have tons of strikers and central defenders to pick from. Great idea Einstein.

    Not so long ago these 2 were heroes so much so that Pochettino made them captain and vice-captain respectively.

    I’m sick of people like you flogging our players on the internet and creating destabilising gossip.

    • Spot on wooks we tried to compete with a heavy schedule not helped by Sky and the FA making us play Monday Sat. This followed on from 5 games in 13 days before the Crimbo rush and New Years festivity When you take on 3 cups witha sqaud half the players on naughty step and now injury’s and AFCON you need all players fully fit with game time Capoue could not be match fit and left Punchion a free shot and the winning goal. My sun for Townsend who struggled on the terrible pitch especially with is ankle operation still not 100% healed. I would been Lennon not Capoue we had no speed and left Walker out 9 months exposed to Zaha and Gale speed cost us 3 points

    • Yesterday they were hero’s now their public enemy No: 1 & 2, lool, stop spreading gossip it doesn’t help, only transcends to public slaughter of our player’s.

      Ade has been kept out of the side by an inform Harry Kane “That’s all” If we played 2 up top he’d be starting, doh, he’s creative and clever without the ball, lazy like Berbatov Yes, works for the team now you want to jump on the bs bandwagon & whip him, some of you need to wipe you’re mouths before you speak.

      Kaboul, lost confidence after injury like Sandro, argument to sell him fair enough, sell Benny to, what did he do???

  2. Actually it may take more than that. Adebayor must have a price he will accept to leave. He needs to be paid that money and told to toddle off. If not, nothing can force him t go elsewhere. That drains money from the club and blocks a new player coming in. As you note, accept the gamble has gone wrong and accept the price. Let’s say he is on the rumoured £150,000 per week and he has 18 months left on his contract. In round terms that is £12 million. I am sure Levy is capable of paying half that to see the back of him and he is capable of selling that deal. Just pay it.

  3. I have said it before and say it again: Tottenham has become a Mickey Mouse club under Levy. These 2 guys are some of the few grown up players at Spurs. But when the players turn about 28 they are not considered boys or boy scouts any more. And then they are suddenly “troublesome”. This club is going nowhere until it is sold to someone who want to take it somewhere. Mr Levy is running a shop, not a football club. I have been a fan for 55 years but my patience with the hierarchy is now about to run out. I am not any more looking forwards to the games and I find myself watching the games while I am doing something else, at least then I do not waste my time.

    • Spot on with your comments Sigurd Levy needs to go and don’t everyone get on my back about Levy, the results of our net spend speak for itself.

  4. Both have become a disruptive influence according to various unrelated reports and fallen out with many of the younger players and more importantly, Poch. If this is the case, senior or not you get rid. Simple as that. Team morale is far more important than one or two “trouble makers”. This all kicked off after the Stoke game and carried on into training the following week. It got that bad it has been discussed at top level allegedly. To be honest Adebayor has done sod all since he signed permanently and Kaboul has turned into something of a joke who most fans cringe at when his name is on the team sheet. Levy is possibly the only obstacle stopping us getting rid of them. “These 2 guys are some of the few grown up players at Spurs” Really? maybe they should act like it then and behave like senior professionals and try to be an example to the younger pros. I for one couldn’t care less if either go. Players come and go, it won’t be the end of the world. Would rather have players at the club that want to work together for a common goal. If these two had been consistently playing well you’d have an argument but they have been below poor, so really should shut up, get their heads down and try and show why we signed them in the first place! COYS

    • It will be interesting to see how the transfer window pans out. While I appreciate that Adebayor has had issues off the pitch, the current situation comes as no surprise. Other clubs have been there and worn the t-shirt

      The club may have to be creative to manoeuvre his departure. If his alleged behaviour hadn’t already filtered through to the boardroom, it appears to have done so now. Perhaps some other Spurs players worked him out a long time ago? That said, you probably don’t have to be George Smiley to do so!

      Kane appears to be the antithesis of Adebayor, and he’s reaping the rewards. Lamela is clearly another who is so keen to make his mark, as is Townsend. However, I hope to see more and hear less from Townsend. He has a long way to go. Perhaps further than he realises? Not a good sign. At least Soldado recognises he hasn’t delivered.

      I think Lewis/Levy will back Pochettino, and perhaps compromise, where in the past they wouldn’t have done so. I hope so.

      It won’t have gone unnoticed by them that Pochettino has now realised what many/most Spurs supporters already knew – that Kaboul has significant limitations.

      It’s been reported that Pochettino feels the team needs a new spine. He’s right, it does. However, much of what he needs may already be there. Kane for starters, but he needs and deserves support, undoubtedly.

      I have a good feeling about Pochettino. Spurs may just be on the cusp of something very special.

  5. If only it was that simple. They will stay til end of contract and then go somewhere in summer off their own backs to get a potentially last decent signing on fee

  6. This article is based on the completely FALSE premise that Manchester City paid part of Adebayor’s wages, when he signed for Spurs “to get him off their books.” The truth is, Manchester City paid part of Adebayor’s player, only when he was on LOAN to Tottenham (ie he was still a player registered with Manchester City). This arrangement CEASED the minute he was registered as a Spurs player. Indeed, it would be contrary to the rules of the Premier League for more than one club to pay the wages of a player NOT on loan. Adebayor had to accept a reduction in salary from the reported £170,000 per week he was paid at Manchester City, to approximately £100,000 per week, at Tottenham. Indeed, the transfer was protracted because of the player’s reluctance to sacrifice so much of his salary. The situation was resolved by Tottenham agreeing to pay the player an inflated signing on fee, payable in annual installments, over the length of his contract. It is out of the question (and not legal) for Tottenham to assume responsibility for a portion of Adebayor’s wages, should he be transferred to another Club. The only way for Tottenham to share the cost of his wages would be for the player to go out on LOAN to another club.

  7. Levy will back the manager as long as it’s players he wants to buy, levy is so desperate to be the manager it’s ridiculous we had by tottenham standards 3 good seasons under redknapp who come in when we were absolute dog shit got us two champs league places although chelski stopped us with one and a 5th place finish told levy he didn’t want a technical director and it worked well I will admit I think redknapp took his eye of the ball in his last season but better football has not been seen at the lane in long time . So next is a Chelsea reject who basically was lucky he had bale but avb was only going to end one way then sherwood steps in breath of fresh air told it like it was we had no Hart or gut or desire levy didn’t Like it sherwood and redknapp are football men levy is a business man who’s desperate to be a football man but has no clue . I’m sorry to say as long as he is in charge there will be no change one thing is I think spurs are better when we have a English manager but levy can’t control them so that won’t happen .

  8. Has everyone forgotten Ekotto? That git is hanging around for his wages as is Adebayor… I’d offload them both if I was Levy but it’s easier said than done.

  9. I back Poch all the way. plus he’s got paul Mitchell with him, we need a fresh team who want to earn their money. we have some exciting new talent in the squad, and weve seen what they can do without both these guys. Five goals against Chelsea speaks volumes.


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