Sports Direct have released the following infographic that reveals where the most Spurs shirts are sold. Unsurprisingly it’s London that comes out on top but after that sales are pretty evenly split across the breadth of the British Isles.


Within London Spurs rank third in the shirt sales rankings, behind Arsenal and Chelsea. The club really need to get working on flogging more to Japanese tourists on Oxford Street if we’re to have any chance of catching up.




  1. If Tottenham want to compete with other London clubs in the shirt sales then they need to flood the consumer market and make shirts more accessable on the high street, at airports, seaports and all general outlets. As they say spread the word so no matter where you go children and grown ups alike see shirts and merchandise for sale world wide not only on line.

  2. c’mon u spurs could THFC under armour relax their tight control on shirt sales outlets price ker ching! I read web site 3.million loyal army fans british isles ranked 4th & 179.million followers worldwide.

  3. Easier said than done. All the big clubs are shooting for that title now after like a decade of undervaluing it. The FA Cup is back on the radar, and we had our chance for 10 years. What the hell happened. With the squad we’ve had the past decade, we should have taken advantage and won atleast two. Instead, we went after the golden carot and lost our chance for Silverware. I take the League Cup all day long, that was a special day for us, but lets face it, its not the FA Cup.

  4. You know what I’m perfectly happy not seeing Spurs shirts everywhere. On the news you see child soldiers in Africa wearing gooner and united shirts. It means nothing to them. Snotty nosed Turkish kids trying to sell you some cheap crap on a beach while wearing a chelsea shirt. No! Quite happy to see our top worn by fans and NO ONE else

  5. I’m sure part of it is the color, how many “neutral” 10 year old kids would pick a white jersey over red or blue… if it was just to get a shirt. How many neutral parents would encourage their son or daughter to get a white shirt (if they didn’t love trying to remove stains).

    For what it is worth, I dont like the yellow on the jerseys and much prefer the simple elegant white and blue.

    The only two Spurs jerseys I own are the white hummel and the light blue Kappa.


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