Does Aaron Lennon want to play for Everton?

Does Aaron Lennon want to play for Everton?


Not everyone likes to smile in photos. Some prefer to play it straight and keep things mean and moody.

However, there is a fine line between looking serious and downright miserable. Aaron Lennon may well have crossed that line during the photo-shoot that followed him signing for Everton.

Aside from the fact that Lennon in Everton blue looks entirely wrong after so many years at Spurs, his face doesn’t exactly suggest that he’s happy to be in Liverpool.


  1. I will miss this lad. He’s a super player, one of my all-time favourites. I suppose someone will tell me that Andros Townsend is better. Gimme a break!

  2. hi …maybe theres a bad smell out of that bootroom,,,lennon gone ? long time at spurs he was a class player ,,incredible first touch…..everton a fine club..big…,could be worse ..look at where they were trying to ship ade too….he he he west ham or qpr….you would have to tranqualise him and hand cuff him in the back of a van to get him to finish his career in one of those two.

    • Calm down sunshine, it wasn’t that HE didn’t want to play for us. He hasn’t been electric since our 442 day’s. The Lad just wants a game.

  3. Steffan you will soon see how useless lennon is two goals in his last eighty games cant cross a ball and never took corners or free kicks because he hasnt got a clue how to kick a ball correctly the biggest mistake everton have ever made

  4. It just seems his time at Spurs has run it’s course.Although it seems he is not part of Poch’s plans,to be honest he just hasn’t done enough over the last couple of seasons at least.He’s done nothing to influence ny games and is probably better off making this move permanent if it works out.
    I would like to have seen Jamie Murphy come in.

  5. What , my friend. r good managers for.
    Tweak d potential d potential players a bit more.
    Maybe Azza will find a new wind, tweak him a bit there, n when he gets back a new ‘ wind ‘, go back to Spurs. 7 years is a sentimental time.

  6. Lol at small club Everton with your giant scouse conks and squeaky voices. You cant blame Lennon for being so miserable fuck me It must be a nightmare living up in that shithole.

  7. Cockney rebel. Giant scouse conks?? You on drugs soft lad? If anyone’s got giant conks it you 3x2s ha. And don’t get me started on that wonderfully “diverse” melting pot that is London ha. It’s full of kawazakis ha ha


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