It’s another London derby at White Hart Lane today and Spurs will have to be at their sharpest if they’re to do the double over a West Ham side that are much improved this season.

We’d go for exactly the same side that recently beat Arsenal, except for a change on the right wing. Andros Townsend impressed in midweek against Fiorentina, while Erik Lamela looked awful when he was brought on, so it’s the England man who gets the nod.

Here’s our team to face West Ham. What’s yours?



  1. Lloris – Walker – Dier – Vertonghen – Davies – Mason – Bentaleb – Eriksen – Dembele – Chadli – Kane
    Subs – Vorm – Rose – Fazio – Stambouli – Lamela – Townsend – Soldado

  2. Move Eriksen into the middle. Got to get your best player on the ball as much as possible. Put Chadli out on the left. And as for anybody who suggests Lamela should start!!! Have you actually watched that bloke play??? He’s a complete and utter waste of money. He is totally useless. Anybody who thinks he should be in the team really should seek medical advice ASAP. If it wasn’t for the fact he’s Pochetinno’s Argentinian pet he wouldn’t and shouldn’t be anywhere near the team. £30m flushed down the toilet. It’s like playing with ten men having him on the pitch. I absolutely despair when I see his name on the team sheet.

    • I suppose you’d prefer Townsend, now there’s a waste of space, he doesn’t run into channels, he runs into dead ends, we are out of the game when he has the ball.

    • Terrible comment, Lamela this season has contributed to the team more than Townsend and Lennon put together and behind Chadli is our second best wide player. Five league assists 1 league goal and umpteen tackles, admitidly his defensive work in the final 3rd is bad but his pressing harrying constant pestering is showing his desire to play for the team, his attacking play will come in time and we have seen the type of magic he can produce in a flash making his place worthy. His Kane assist against Liverpool was world class play worthy of any team. I appreciate he has had his opportunities but he’s still very young and learning a new league. Instead of looking at his goal record look at his overal team

  3. Same team as you but Lamela to start instead of Townsend. Eriksen did nothing on Thursday and must be being rested today for Dembele to take his place.

    • You wanted Lamela and Dembele and that’s what you got. I take it you watched the game? Ha ha. How embarrassing for you. Their combined efforts, and I use the word effort quite wrongly, nearly lost us the game. They were both utterly useless, AGAIN!!! Pat yourself on the back. Nice picks. Thank god you don’t actually manage my beloved THFC. You’d have us relegated in one season. Hold your head in shame. Foolish little man.

  4. I agree that Lamela can be very frustrating a times but he does have a knack of producing goal scoring chances and has one of the highest assists in the team this season. Also his work rate is so much better than Townsend defensively – Townsend as a defender is non-existent

    • Despite what I said above I would play Chadli over Lamela and Townsend today, event though he wasn’t great on Thursday, he offers more height against the hammers and more goal scoring threat

  5. Lamela has the class and the football brain, he works harder than you may think with his closing down and tackling, he’s only going to get better now he’s settled in, and you can see Pothettino’s high fitness training paying off for him as well as the rest of the team

  6. It is a shame that Spurs did not bring back Pritchard in January. I guess that he is contracted to Brentford for a year. He is miles better than Lamela and Townsend.

    I hope to see Konoplyanka and Pritchard in the team next season.

  7. All you people who had a go at me for having a go at Lamela can go do one. Once again he was utterly useless today. You all try and justify his selection on ‘work rate’. We didn’t pay £30m for his work rate. We paid it because he was supposed to create and score goals of which he’s done virtually neither. He’s a complete and utter waste of money. Get rid of him. He’s only picked because of Pochettino’s nepotism. If you can’t see that you can’t see anything. A dreadful dreadful transfer failure. If you continue to support him you’re not a supporter of THFC. His involvement is detrimental to the team. Others have to work harder for his constant failings. Rubbish total rubbish. Get out my club.


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