Mauricio Pochettino has been receiving plenty of praise in recent months but after Spurs’ heavy 3-0 defeat to Manchester United, questions have been asked about some of his decisions.

Tottenham were outnumbered in midfield, while Marouane Fellaini caused all sorts of problems. Here’s how Twitter reacted to the loss.



  1. I don’t think it was Pochettiono who caused Spurs to play so badly today. In the Manchester United goal De Gea didn’t have anything to do today. He conceded no goals. I don’t think he had a ball to save. I don’t recall Spurs coming anywhere near his goal all afternoon. Spurs lacked urgency, did not pressurise opposing players, and often lost the ball or simply gave it away, sending passes in all directions (with plenty of long balls to players who were never going to receive the ball or keep it for more than a second or two) included in such stupid, amateurish play. United aren’t that good at all this season, and weren’t that good today — just playing better than abysmal Spurs.

  2. Let’s be realistic most spurs fans that have a clue knew we wouldn’t finish in the top 4 just hoped we would. The team has some young talent and we will progress but we all know the team needs improvements. We have no wide men that have a final ball and two full backs that can’t defend. Our experienced players bring nothing to the table and over 100 mill spend on them. But once again some spurs fans cry for Poch to be sacked joke.

  3. problems are not the defence part from k walker shocking problems are the wingers don’t track and that pulls everyone out of position Townsend and lamela not good enough

    • Afraid it is the defence: Conceded twice as many as Saints for a start. Take Lloris out of equation and whatever personnel we employ – abysmal over a season. For the 4th season on the trot we will have scored less and conceded more than the teams we are meant to be competing with for CL.

      Same ole same ole with different managers. Even when we finished 4th, the above scenario applied. Something ells me we are going to pip Saints for Europa Cup place.. AAAArrrggghhh. Seventh will do quite nicely cos we are light years away rom finishing 4th. Fact

  4. Last transfer should of loaned lamela out sold Townsend kept Lennon and brought urkranian winger who signed for Roma for 8 mil kyobianka

  5. Kyle walker needs to be replaced. And its stupid for the tactic to make long balls to kane and expecting him to score. Its a team not just him, yes he can score and he did the same to swansea last week but the percentage of having long balls and score is very low. Play like before, like arsenal match,keeping the ball moving and finding space and try shooting, its the whole team. Just by doing that we had like 20 plus shots and had some goals. The way we played today was an amateur game. Giving long balls to kane. What a wastr, i wouldnt be surprise if he goes out becoz if this is how the team is going to play, thn he’ll eventually go to a better club.

  6. Spurs need three quality players in and some work horses wide. Example Miller, konoplyanka wide work hard with ability. New centre bk proven premiership defender Shawcross, Williams. Cabaye mid Jackson up top. These players we could realistically afford both wages and price tag.

  7. Swerve makes a good point that I have been banging on about for the last couple of seasons and it’s that problem of goal difference.In the unlikely event of us being in contention for 4 that fact alone would eliminate us.
    Yes Harry has been great for us,but as the in particular demonstrated,if he doesn’t get the service he can’t score.God forbid he suffered a serious injury.The truth is we can’t just play well for a few games of the season as against Chelsea and the Arse.And we have struggled to beat teams below us who should be there for the taking.We have managed to pick up a lot of points when really our performance didn’t deserve them.
    Poch needs to have more than a plan A and to adapt tactics against different sides.Other teams are identifying our strengths and nullifying them.Who would really have expected put in a performance like that after their abject effort against Arsenal.
    This close season will be very important for the club,but we have the old conundrum.There is a lot of deadwood that needs to be moved on,however a number of players will never fetch the money Levy wants to recoup and others will be happy to sit out games on inflated salaries until their contracts are up.


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