It now looks likely that Spurs season will end with a whimper rather than a bang, with the Champions League seemingly out of reach and the grim reality of another Europa League campaign a more realistic prospect.

Yet the introduction and progress of so many young players have made this season a positive one and a statistic demonstrates exactly well Tottenham have done with such a youthful core.

Journalist Daniel Storey posted a list containing the average age of the ten most regular starters, for each of the top six in Europe’s biggest four leagues. The average age for Spurs was just 23.5 years, comfortably making them the youngest of the clubs featured.

The next youngest was Lyon at an average age of 25, while Liverpool were the next youngest Premier League club at 25.1. Manchester City topped the list with an average age of 29.2.

The season might have a familiar ending but the future is definitely bright at Tottenham.



  1. Is it? Yes mason and Benteleb have looked OK but I dont see either setting the world on fire to be honest. kane yes, the rest no. We have sen too mnay times thiss eason how we lack experinece in the middle of the park. We need to bring some in for next year and hope mason and bents can stepup another gear.

  2. The age of a team means nothing if you have no leaders and real quality in the team…..Tottenhams problem is no leaders, 2 or 3 good players and a bunch of average……the youngsters are not learning from players that know what it takes to win!!

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