Tim Sherwood returns to face Tottenham with his Aston Villa team on Saturday and the Twitter account @SimplySpurs has a tremendous suggestion as to how to best mark the occasion.

Since leaving the club Sherwood has not stopped banging on about his 59% win percentage during his brief spell as Spurs boss. This is an achievement worth celebrating and SimplySpurs has absolutely nailed how to best go about it.

So of you’re at the game tomorrow – actually, do this even if you’re watching the game on a dodgy internet feed – on the 59th minute stand up and applaud as if your life depended upon it. It’ll make Tim proud.



  1. You bunch of morons – I hope we stuff you tomorrow and Sherwood does cartwheels down the touchline.
    At least our manager has a personality.
    Pochotino or whatever his name is, is as boring as this pathetic website.

  2. What a load of rubbish. Sherwood was a useless redknapp clone, devoid of tactics or the ability to outthink a dead rat. He will take the shit northern side down and they can play the real big team in the Midlands… Birmingham

  3. Sherwood does have some character about him but he is so bloody full of himself. He is new to management and will struggle to keep Villa up.

  4. So glad tim put 2 fingers up to levy and poch what a couple of pratts refer to last week playing paulinio for 90 mins come on.


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