News broke last night that Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy has decided to award himself a £500,000 a year pay rise.

Considering that the club has just posted record profits, in other forms of business this would be considered well deserved. Yet in the world of football, no fan is going to celebrate the club being financially sound when there has been little progress on the pitch. Spurs fans were quick to deliver their verdict on Twitter.



  1. What has it got to do with Spurs supporters what DL earns ? It is a private company and the managing director gets paid whatever the big boss says he is worth . Id look to the players and their capitulation at the end of the season and blame them if I were you. Yes I am a Spurs supporter.

  2. Dru, with respect you cant be serious!!! In life you should be paid for success, Levy as a chairman is a failure when it comes to the football side and our dear club will keep going down the pan with him in charge.

    Its a disgrace to take a rise after the errors hes made. A fan of 50 years ive had enough of following the worst run club in the premier.

  3. Yes it’s a private company Dru, but it’s not McDonalds or Nike. Next week I might prefer KFC or Adidas. But I’m not going to switch to another club. THFC is not JUST a private company. It’s our club and it’s our money that goes into his pocket. It IS our business. We need to stop just being consumers of a product and be fans who fight to take control of OUR CLUB!

  4. Really big stu? The worst run club in the premier league? Making record profits. New stadium coming. Great youth program which has been proven with the young players this year. 1 of the best training facilities around. Ok we’re not as successful on the pitch as id like but reasonably consistent top 5 finishes is not the worst although it doesnt meet expectations. I like every spurs supporter would love to bring in world class players every transfer window and be challenging for titles but they need to want to come to spurs and without consistent champions League they dont. Levy is a business man and that’s what he’s paid to do. Look out for our finances , marketing, working out a budget for transfers and wages, etc and ensure the sustainability of the club. Basically hes there to make sure we make a profit and everybody gets paid. Hes not a football manager or a football director. Hes the man behind the business side of things. Yes his dealings with transfers leaves abit to be desired but look at our financial position and alot of other clubs would kill to be in our position.

    • Exactly what I was thinking @ Oz spur!! I think Levy gets far too much stick. No other non top 4 team is spending money or challenging like we do! In all honesty with all the money, Utd, City, Chelsea, Liverpool and ARSEnal have we have done well to challenge like we have done for the past 8 out of 10 years really.

  5. Plus he didnt give himself the pay rise. The board handed out the pay rises and just like anyone else wouldve done, levy didnt say no.

  6. Levy is a business man and we are run as a business. the job of directors is to protect shareholder interests, this is enshrined in law. ENIC/Levy are the major shareholders and it’s clear to see that profit not on field successes is their main if not only objective. If it was the dream, desire or want of Joe and Dan to be successful on the pitch they would have ploughed their own money (mainly Joe’s) into our club a long time ago. other billionaires have spent a lot of cash to buy success with clubs, who at that time were smaller, less famous and without the class, flair and loyal fan base of the mighty spurs. they all, to certain degrees, have achieved on field success, fame and most importantly of all, GLORY for their fans whilst massaging the ego’s of the owner. Joe and Dan’s egos are not bolstered by success but by profit, this will never change. ENIC is Joe’s toy his baby not Tottenham Hotspur football club, we are just a small part of ENIC’s money making machine. the only hope of real success and glory for us fans, with the current owners in charge is a visit from the ghosts of 3 yidos past who point out (in spread sheet format) that business is about profit the game is about glory and success is about gaining a larger slice of the footballing financial pot which leads to more profit and as the ghosts leave they turn and stare deep into Joe and Dan’s eyes and scream, you have made this profit by selling our best players, our success, sole and glory. If you chase money you will invariably fail but if you chase success money will invariably follow. I’d also like to point out that Ade has made more money than levy and he can’t make the bench let alone the board.

  7. Big stu your the Disgrace so you say you’ve had enough after 50 years following Our club
    Well i have been a regular supporter since 1956 and that because i was to young to go Regularly before hand
    I first saw Spurs Play when i was 8 yrs old in 1948 and i have Never Ever thought about Deserting them
    once a Spurs supporter ALWAYS a Spurs Supporter Come Rain or Shine and if you are fed up after your so called 50 yrs Perhaps you are not a TRUE Spurs Supporter as you Claim

  8. It tickles me when I see so many lost sheep following the media stance that Spurs are eternally failing. The Premiership is unique in the world in that it has so many powerfull clubs. Spurs are competing with clubs turning over £100 million a year more than them and year after year it’s a close fight. Spurs are the sixth biggest club with the sixth biggest spending power and the sixth biggest wage bill. So how is averaging 5th a failure?
    I can understand the frustration fans feel but before levy arrived Spurs were in big trouble with an aging squad of average players with the odd aging star thrown in. There’s no way that Spurs would even survive in these times and it’s about time levy got a bit of credit for improving every aspect of the club to what it is today.
    If you think your frustration is levys fault maybe you should find yourself a club that chucks money at every problem or has a disproportionate amount of its staff in high positions in the Premiership and FA management.
    When the champions league started paying big money Spurs were on their knees in the bottom Half of the league and inspite of the fact that the top four have had the CL wind fall year after year Spurs have closed the gap, that is almost entirely down to Levy, the next step is a massive one, a £400m stadium and guess what? It’s happening, against all the odds Spurs are going to be the club with the best stadium the best training facilities and the youngest squad outside of the Top 5 with a turnover that should we qualify for CL will enable us to hang on to our best players.
    Levy is worth every penny and more.

  9. The enic ownership has given us a a trophy cabinet full of silverware, oops my apology was thinking about abrahimavich, speaking about the chavs they’ve overtaken us on the pitch, worlwide media coverage, financial turnover during the Levi tenure, 10-15 years ago players would almost always come to spurs rather than chavski, mercenaries I here you cry well Adebayor isn’t signed to chavski, We’ve got a healthy bank balance so have Levi & Lewis, su

    • chavski have not been a club for years. They have been a billionaires toy. That is the only reason they have overtaken us. We should have pride that Spurs have kept in touch without buying trophies. The fair play rules if enforced should stop this distorted league. The facts as previously stated, we are exactly where our bud
      get says we should be.

  10. Success for them is not about winning silverware but stuffing there pocket’s, with the sky money the well will never dry out add the fact we have great support still dreaming of the glory days coming back to us you would have to be a complete imbecile to run the club into the ground.
    Another point Levi is meant to be a great business man we sold Modric for £35m he displaces ozil who is sold for £42m, don’t you think we got short changed, if there is still anyone in love with Levi we have gone from being pride of London to a the Newcastle of the south fact

    • No, I think wenger paid way over the top for ozil. I also think that spending the money he has spent on his team, he ought to be doing better than 4th place for his £8million a year. A good example to look at, arsenals wage bill is £70 million a year bigger than ours. If we spent the same we could have 10 £140k a week players extra over what we have now. That’s the difference our managers have to work with.

  11. This should be read in conjunction with Bazza’s1st comment

    it tickles me when I see so many lost sheep following the Levites stance that all spurs supporters should be eternally happy at continually achieving a mere 5th or below. the premiership is unique in the fact that it now has so many powerful clubs, owned by so many billionaires. we are competing with clubs that make tens of millions of pounds in less profit than we do and year after year we fail to win the league. we are the most profitable club in the league with a multi-billionaire owner, so how is averaging 5th a success?
    I can understand the weak acceptance of the levy doctrine as before his arrival, we like so many other clubs, were in big trouble and still, after all this time we have an average squad, some young players and a couple of stars thrown in. after all this time we are still failing to win the league or get top four on a regular basis and levy’s profit at the cost of success business model should get the blame for this.
    if you think that the lack of success that we have achieved under ENIC’s tenure is acceptable when maybe you should find yourself a club with like minded fans whose standards, wants, dreams, desires and ambitions are set so low that 5th is the height of their expectations and a true achievement. I would prefer to chuck Joe’s money at the problem and have a disproportionally large number of our staff in high positions in both the premier league and F.A. management.
    when the C.L started paying big money, ENIC’s business model meant that we “missed the boat” this means that we have not had a C.L. wind fall year after year and levy and co are to blame for that. Yes we have closed a gap that should never been their in the first place. I can remember chelski almost going broke and who had heard of city outside Manchester?
    The nest step is a massive one, a £400 million pound stadium and guess what, it’s at least 10 years late and with a capacity less than the Woolwich wanderers (what kind of signal does that send out?) we are going to be a club with the best stadium, training facilities and a young squad all of which carry a high re-sale value on the open market. if Dan and Joe had made the required investments years ago we would not be selling our best players and would have had C.L. football year after year. the main reason levy can do what he does is the loyalty we, the fans have shown to our beloved Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. Without us, their would be no sponsors or advertisers as they would have no market to sell to, no match day receipts, no atmosphere and less TV money, who would want to show a game at an empty stadium.
    so is levy worth every penny?

    • Well, does that mean I’m famous?

      Your only point top cat is you think levy should be chucking money at the club so you can have a boast to your mates about trophys.

      That’s not how I see it. I want us to win the league as much as anyone but for now that goal is out of reach, why? Because the league has been bought by billionaires. Your answer to that is for Lewis to chuck his money into your club. Guess what? He’s not going to, so have a ponder about wether you want to support your club or slag everyone at the club off until they win you a trophy. If you can’t see that Spurs are growing as a club year on year you gotta be missing the main point. It might take another 10 years but we will get there and with a club that’s self financing with no need for a sugar daddy.

      You might want to buy a cup ( or rather have someone else buy it for you) most fans want to see the club do well on its own and earn it because It will mean 100 times more.

      • the now famous Bazza, I think you do me an injustice if you believe the only point from my entire comment is to have a quick boast, it is not. I like you want only the best for our great club, I just want it sooner. I never said we are not growing, my point was that we should have and could have grown bigger and earlier if we had a different business model. I followed your article and tried to take a different and opposite approach to each point so that a clear and alternative view point could be made, to show you where we should and could be if things were done differently. If money is to be “chucked” it should have been done a long time ago so that by now we would be a self financing, no need for a sugar daddy club, with a large capacity ground and 10 years of total domination both here and in Europe under our belt, is that such a bad thing?

        • Yes but he did what you are asking for, he spent £26M on a proven striker, top draw, everybody said it, all the punters etc. then he paid £30M for te next Ronaldo, all the pundits agreed another fantastic player. Then what happened? They flopped and £60M has gone. Suddenly the pundits are all saying that it’s Levys fault and the point I was making is two many fans just do as they are told to and Blame Levy. Those players have flopped after they joined us and that can happen the next time and the time after that. Levys model, build slow but at every oppertunity was working well until he gives in and lets whoever go shopping.

          • agreed, but that goes to prove my point about levy and some of the choices,decisions he makes and the business model used. we still made a profit on the transfer market after buying the magnificent 7 and after clever accounting and amortisation through our profit and loss, when we sell this “dead wood” we will have money to spend but this is just recycled old money not new money. We like other big clubs have bought “big name” (and small or no name) stars who have failed but I’ve never heard a chairman say, that due to my inabilities and lack of capabilities with the fear of not making as much profit as possible (the business model) at the fore, I have decided to further delay the point at which we obtain the success that we rightly deserve and I don’t care that in the meantime we will loose a few fans through death and the young, our future life blood may look elsewhere for a club to support or never look at us in the first place, which wll inevitably reduce the size of our worldwide fanbase because I, Daniel Levy have found, reached and hit my level, which I know is to low for a club like Tottenham but I’m not willing or prepared to sacrifice profit to simply fulfil the dreams of our loyal fans (which I know will follow us whatever happens) because the fulfilment of the profit led “business model” must come first. This, if you read between the lines, is exactly what the 10-15 £million transfer limit means. their is no doubt that our man Dan is good, dam good at what he does, which is running a business but Tottenham is more than just a business it’s also a vehicle to fulfil the fans dreams and therefore as such he has failed. So are your dreams being fulfilled at the moment? do you honestly believe that will be some time soon? or has your bank balance increased in size due to Dan’s financial exploits, if he answer to these questions is no, then is he really the success you would like me to believe. please note that at no time have I asked for “levy out” just questioned the business model he uses as it is this that holds us back not the man.

  12. The question of Levy is a tricky one because as chairman of a company he has to see that it is run on sound financial footings.In that role he has done well.And in his position he probably has the final say on how we spend our transfer money.However he should in no way be involved in the choice of players bought and sold.
    The current D of F has not been an unqualified success and seemed to work counter to the manger’s wishes.If the rumours are true he will be gone in the summer.With Mitchell being a known quantity to Poch hopefully they can tailor our transfer business this coming close season to take us forward next season.However if it is also true that Levy will only spend 10-15 million on a player,then it would appear that they would have to prove to be exceptionally good buys for us to crack the top four ahead of those clubs prepared to spend whatever it takes to secure success.


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