It seems like Mauricio Pochettino has decided that Spurs have reached the part of the season where he will experiment a little.

Paulinho has started in the last two away games and made a decent showing against Newcastle. The same can not be said for Erik Lamela but with relatively little to play for it might be worth persevering with him. This could be the final chance for he and Paulinho to prove that they can be of some use to Tottenham.

We’d also give an opportunity to a defender, albeit one in a very different position to Paulinho and Lamela. With Kyle Walker injured, why not through in DeAndre Yedlin at the deep end rather than player Vlad Chiriches or Eric Dier out of position?

Here’s our Spurs side to face Southampton. What’s yours?



    • I wouldnt put yedlin there. He’s gonna compete with sadio mane and that guy is good. Yedlin is still un experience so dier would be good to handle mane

      • Dier, not quick enough to keep up with Mane, but understand your point with experience of Yedlin. However if he doesn’t play he will n ever get experience.

  1. Lloris;
    Yedlin, Fazio, Vertongen, Davies;
    Bentaleb, Dembele;
    Lamela, Eriksen, Townsend;

    Get Townsend on the left wing where he can do his best work.

    • I wouldnt put lamela first. Maybe chadli left and townsend right flanks. This is an important match because if we lose, we wont catchup with mancity and lloris would leave spurs to manu. Lamela have skills but he gives the ball away too easily. Chadli is better recommended. Eriksen center . If chadli is out of form thn eriksen plays ldft, dembele center and townsend to the right. Maybe if we are leading 2-0 thn perhaps lamela can be subbed in. Other than that its a risk to do so

      • But if you would compare him to lamela, townsend is a better option and he is so much faster than lamela. Count how many times towbsend loses the ball conpared to lamela.

  2. I was pleasantly surprised to see how many people think Dembele should start. I agree completely. To include Paulinho in any variation of our squad is immediately putting us down to 10 players. He must never dawn the Spurs shirt again, NEVER, absolutely useless.

    I would go with.

    Lloris—- ( if fit), if not Vorm


    Dembele, Bentaleb,

    Chadli, Soldado (# 10) role Townsend wide right


    • Soldado cant do no shit. Eriksen better at CAM and chadli left. Rb shouldnt be yedlin , dier is preffered. CB fazio and vertonghen. This is because this young yedlin would be facing sadio mane, whom is playing left. It wont be solid unless we put dier there.

  3. Please, please, please don’t encourage Paulinho. He is the most dreadful player Spurs have.
    Yedlin, Dier, Vert, Rose
    Mason or Dembele, Stambouli
    Pritchard (whoops, my bad, still on loan)….Chadli, Eriksen, Townsend

  4. i think we should look to next season and play 3-4-2-1
    dier verts fazio (alderweld next season)
    yedlin mason dembele (alli) rose
    lamela eriksen
    this can easily adapt to 4-4-1-1 or 4-2-3-1 which will give a plan b and c

    • Good man! We really have the players for a back three I’ve been saying it for years. I think our fullbacks are built for that. Personally I’d try to get a swap deal Vertonghen for Badstuber (only because I love HB, him and Jan are probably about equal) on the right of the three I’d have Chiriches and perhaps even more controversially than that I’d buy Vedran Corluka back to play in the middle. The libero role is made for him. At right back we used to see at times his silky play making ability. At loan at Bayern Leverkusen he controlled Messi in the home leg like nothing I’ve ever seen especially for a CB playing RB. I’d buy marchisio to play in midfield (not to play the engine role he plays at Juve but to actually be Pirlo, I loved him at the World Cup and I’ve loved him for a few seasons). I think Stambouli next to that would be quite the pairing.

      Chiriches Lovren Badstuber
      Walker Stambouli Marchisio Rose
      Lennon Eriksen

      I feel the lennon one needs explaining. if he keeps his current for up I think he deserves a place. He is the Everton team right now and I think he’s surprised everybody by showing he can play the Stirling role, since he’s looked like he’s only capable of playing as a traditional touchline hugging winger for most of his career, but fairplay to him, he’s shown himself to be a very intelligent footballer over the last few weeks

  5. I don’t see any reason for Vorm to lose his place even if Lloris is fit again. Yes yes Lloris is arguably the best shot stopper in world and controls his box magnificently but I think in all fairness, Vorm does not deserve to be dropped. I’m a Chiriches and Stambouli fan, they are both very stylish players and I like to watch that.


    Yedlin Chiriches Vertonghen Rose
    Stambouli Paulinho
    Kane Eriksen Chadli

    I think soldado should get a run in from now to the end of the season, it’s the best time to give him a run of games if we intend on keeping him (which we should if anybody like me saw him play week in week out in la liga). Kane just behind could go either way. It could be a lethal weapon, causing confusion for other team regarding who should pick him up. Alternatively it could leave us vulnerable leaving Yedlin to deal with Mane and the Saints blistering full backs alone. That said, the best way to overload such a mean defense is to overload them with firepower and clever movement which that front 4 would definitely offer. Welcome any feedback on this positive or negative


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