Stats show spendthrift Spurs are out-punching their weight

Stats show spendthrift Spurs are out-punching their weight


A statistic showing the net spend of every Premier League club clearly demonstrates that Tottenham are performing beyond expectations.

Recorded over the last five seasons, the following table reveals that Spurs have actually made a profit in the transfer market over this period, at an average of £4,370,000. This makes the club the lowest net spenders in the Premier League, despite finishing within the top six in each of these seasons.


There’s two ways to look at this information. On one hand it is proof of the club being run in a financially sound manner at a time when a new stadium needs to be paid for.

Yet on the other, one can’t help but wonder what more could be achieved if the purse strings were loosened just a little. Are ENIC running the club in the right way?


  1. The club is being run in the right way in the context of being safe from debt per se -but the facts are business wise and risk evaluation-had more finances been made available from Joe Lewis when Redknapp was in charge in the window when Louis Saha & Ryan Nelson were signed-chances are that a higher calibre of player would of taken Spurs back into the Champions League-and he would of seen a return in that investment through champions league participation ,merchandise and tv revenue. It is concerning that while we are trying to cover lost ground over the other big teams that we have to keep such a tight ship when they could easily find massive kit and sponsorship deals on top of CL money -but in the long run when you see what the are tying to achieve in the academy, training facilities, the British youth ethos with the stadium plans to create atmosphere and local buildings of importance-the identity is welcomed .If it is true that the capacity could be 61,000 along with NFL & concert plans then the club will definitely have a game changer. I recognise the loopholes that FFP has but I also find it amusing that others who have brought success will be heavily in debt relying on some even mega rich owner to buy them out burying them further into debt through obscene wage structures and deals the previous owner created while my club, our club Spurs will not be in that bad of a predicament. I would prefer silverware over balance sheets….but sadly the game has been ruined to the extent the club are forced to play the hand the way they’ve been doing so far and has to be seen as short term pain long term gain. I for one am proud that as a club we have a wage cap, are heading in the right direction, and building.

  2. The fact that Spurs are the PL’s lowest net spenders and yet continue to finish so high in the table is simply ignored by the football media, and will continue to be. So it is the duty of every Spurs fan to remind our tormentors of this fact at every opportunity.

    They have no answer to it. (Which is why a media obsessed with venerating the top 4 and mocking Spurs never mention it).

  3. It’s interesting because I don’t think the net spend tells the whole story.

    Look at the value of players we’re trading in. These are high quality commodities.

    It’s akin to making a profit on selling fancy cars. Just because you had a Porsche yesterday and a Range Rover today doesn’t mean you haven’t been driving a nice car throughout.

    If we’d only spent £50m or £100m on players and recouped something similar, then we’d be overachieving. But we’re not. We’ve gone large on both fronts.

  4. About time someone put those figures together, would be nice to see the player wage bill thrown in the mix as well, as I think as you will see just how ridiculous the spend of the top four teams & Liverpool really is. Spurs I’m sure would be nearer to the middle of a table including both sets of figures.
    For all the slagging off Levy gets, he runs that club with a much higher knowledge and understanding of the game than many of the pundits give him credit for. His knowledge is as a chairman, not a player or a manager and he understands what a chairman can do to improve a club better than anyone.
    To say IF he had spent more, IF he had kept players against their will, IF Harry had stayed. Is just moaning from the fans and pundits that don’t look any deeper for the real story. IF my aunts had dicks there’d be uncles.
    (By the way, yet another team relegated and heading for insolvency, well done Harry)

  5. Over the next 5 seasons I’m sure the FFP rules will be tightened even further & the various ‘loopholes’ closed down one by one.
    By this time, we will have the new stadium, generating more income but still with a young-ish squad & HOPEFULLY, seriously challenging for UCL place, season on season.
    The top 4 (as is) will no longer be so much more financially better off than Spurs & we should be able to compete on all levels!
    To all those doubters….Levy does know what he’s doing & where the club is heading!

    • “Over the next 5 seasons I’m sure the FFP rules will be tightened even further & the various ‘loopholes’ closed down one by one.”

      It’s a nice sentiment, but it isn’t going to happen. Why?

      1) PSG were among the French clubs who whined about the fact that it “wasn’t fair and should be stopped” when the EPL got such a large TV deal. The fact that they’re monstrously over-funded by Qataris—and even outrageously tried to back-date some of the money they’d received to a point before they’d become sponsored by them, and that THAT isn’t fair, doesn’t count , obviously. Nor does their massive overspending to the point that they’ve had the same penalties as Man City and a huge advantage over the rest of the French league. That’s fair enough, too, apparently.

      2) Platini was involved with Sarkozy in the whole Qatar World Cup voting scandal—a complicated arrangement where Qatar are the only country buying the Rafale, the rubbish French fighter jets, made by Dassault—which is owned by one of Sarkozy’s best mates. France voted for Qatar to get the World Cup, Qatar bought PSG (Sarkozy’s team) and splurged billions on it, and Platini’s son got a job with one of the Qatari off-shoot companies.

      3) A couple of weeks after the French complaints about the TV deal, Platini announced that there’s every chance FFP rules would be relaxed, pretty much meaning that PSG and the other mega-funded clubs will be free to go mental again…

  6. Looking at any relevant stats and reading them how you want. Awesome

    Arsenal easily top this table if you discount the last 2 seasons where they’ve had money.

    Don’t forget the obvious. If Spurs hadn’t sold Carrick, they’d have been a better team, much better. Finishing 5th without him and likely 4th with him.

    Champions League would have brought better players and the rest would be history.

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