Arsenal fans made great sport of the fact that a Crowdfunder campaign had been created to fund Jack Wilshere’s recent FA fine, but there’s been less noise about how much money has actually been raised.

The answer is the princely sum of £26, somewhat short of the £40,000 required to pay the fine that Wilshere incurred when he asked Arsenal supporters what they thought of Tottenham, after their FA Cup success.

There are still 21 days to go, so any Arsenal fan thick enough to not realise that they are paying the wages with which Wilshere must pay the fine, can stick their hands in their pockets and dig deeper.

wilshere crowdfunder



  1. Obviously he’s well regarded as the professional ponch he is. £26 lol……must have been canvassing at the local pub and the punters decided to think it over with another pint

    • Arsenal does have a midfielder I’d love at Spurs but Wilshere definitely isn’t him.
      I’m surprised and heartened that Arsenal supporters aren’t subsidising his brainless antics.
      he’s rich enough to pay his own fine – what’s it work out to? Three days worth of his weekly wage would be close to the mark I’d guess.

  2. Better at getting drunk, smoking and being braindead, obviously going a long way to proving he’s a solid role model for the young gooneration! Pass the gasmask .

  3. Wiltshire is a disgraceful representative of not only Arsenal FC but to English football. He should be the poster boy of how not to behave. He publically suffers his own inadequecies by over compensating his abuse of the ‘other’ North London team. He was unable to have creative banter without going over the top (granted this may have been initiated by alcohol), I couldn’t say. It would be funny to see him go to MCFC. that way other parts of the country could experience his shame.

  4. I wasn’t aware there was some “crowdfunder” . But I do now thanks to this blog. Now I’ll go make my contribution and tell my fellow gunners about it as well.

  5. Fair response nugget. Personally, I feel there are far better quality footballers on your team who carry far more leadership characteristics than your flamboyant ‘brother’. The heart of your team? I think not. Mertscielny: Great comment! However Wiltsire makes enough money to pay for his punishments. What this young man needs is counselling. Maybe as a unit you would be best to support him in his need to get his behavioural problems seen to by a professional. Best of luck with that.


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