The Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport have claimed that Spurs have completed the signing of Yevhen Konoplyanka.

Available on a free transfer, the 25-year old Dnipro winger would make an exciting addition to the ranks but Tottenham fans seem to be generally sceptical that the deal will go through. Here’s the reaction on Twitter.



  1. I know for a fact we have a massive chance of signing him. and when we do I cant wait to see all the haters and bitter people change their tune saying what a great signing Tottenham have made.

  2. This story has become tedious. The journalists carrying these rumours are completely irresponsible and are wasting their time writing all about what might be. We readers already know what might be. We rely on you journalists, the ones who are suppose to have ‘their reliable sources’ for real news. Facts,facts, facts. I’m fed up being told we’re linked to certain footballers building up hope only to be let down being told ‘no contact has been made’. So, does any journalist, without or without journalistic integrity know who this man is signing for? I am ready for more Bull…..t.

    • No, not all readers Rob! speak for yourself, also if you watch and study our team closely you usually can decipher what is possible and whats not with regards to transfers !!

  3. I don’t believe the Yehven Konoplyanka stories for one second. Pochettino and Mitchell don’t like him because of lack of work rate #THFC

    — Harry C (HazChaz) (@TransitionTHFC) June 28, 2015 …………………..this guy clearly not seen him play ……………………

  4. This is rediculous I thought this was the original spurs site that gave proper news to its fans not all these constant lies. I for one have had enough of this bull and it sounds like I’m not the only loyal fan who feels this way. Get your act together and just report the real stories. THATS What we Spurs fans want to hear. How many medicals do these players need before they join this club?????

  5. This looks like a new attempt of the William incident. The difference here is that the player is polite enough to not show up at the medical at spurs first, and just run away to competitor afterward.

  6. the facts are is that konoplyankas agent on his own twitter account says that he’ll complete move to Tottenham in a couple of days. check it out you self, his name is MUZZI OZCAN.

  7. When did Pochetino or Mitchell say they liked him, when was it actually official that we are after him? GUTTER MEDIA SPECULATION……let’s wait and see.


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