Player chants are sometimes inspired works of art featuring the sort of witty lyrics Noel Coward would be proud of, thought up a fan dedicated enough to spend hours crafting their work before it’s ready to be belted out on the terraces.

Other chants are uninspired and lazy. The famous old staple ‘There’s only one… (insert player name here)’ is the type that would fall into this category.

Very occasionally though, a chant arrives almost fully formed. Funny yet blindingly obvious.

Toby Alderweireld is going to become the beneficiary of such a chant. Listen to Around The World by Daft Punk and you’ll be singing the ever-so-slightly-altered-lyrics, needed to convert it into a tribute to Tottenham’s new centre-half, for the rest of the day. We can’t wait till August.



  1. Yes, very uninspired. So it will probably work.
    You can of course always utilise our seeming penchant for Danish players and insert the name where you want to the tune of Vera Lynns ‘we’ll meet again’ eg: “we love the Dane, Eriksens scored again, and we know he’ll cause you pain each time he plays”.
    Just a thought! Maybe not.

  2. Man utd had the Yip Jaap Stam song…why can’t we sing….

    Toby and Jan, come from Belgium, get past them if you f#####g can. Try a trick they’ll make you look a dick. Toby and Jan!

    Harry Kane and Eriksen the Dane, give them the ball, and they’ll score again. They’ll try a trick and make you look a dick. Eriksen and Kane!

  3. I still don’t know why my lamela chant never caught on after we signed him (tho maybe that’s easy to explain as HE never really caught on… To the tune of the ‘Macarena’

    He’s eric he’s eric he’s eric lamela
    He’s eric he’s eric he’s eric lamela
    He’s eric he’s eric he’s eric lamela
    Eeer-ic Lamela


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