Iker Casillas completed his move from Real Madrid to Porto over the weekend, leaving many Spurs fans sweating over what this will mean for the future of Hugo Lloris.

The good news is that it looks like Manchester United are playing hardball over the potential transfer of David de Gea to the Spanish giants.

Such a deal would surely be complicated and could leave United with little time to begin the undoubtedly equally tricky negotiations to land Hugo Lloris.

United’s recent interest in Asmir Begovic pointed to the fact that they might be interested in signing a cheaper alternative to Lloris, who would fight it out with the experienced Victor Valdes to be number one at Old Trafford.

If that sounds entirely positive for Tottenham, it should be considered that Real Madrid have themselves been linked with a move for Lloris in the past, while the link to United is unlikely to go away if they invest in short-term solutions.

The bottom line is that we won’t stop sweating until that transfer window slams shut and even then it’s unlikely to be the end of the story.



  1. What a bunch of cobblers. The media has all Summer depicted Lloris as waiting by the phone for a call from Utd. This is simply a fantasy constructed by besotted Utd fans and media, they even floated a potential fee. Dream on boys Lloris is staying. The same applies to Kane. Spurs do not have to deal with the likes of Utd. their days are over.

  2. This Lloris story was originated by a nonce in the Daily Star masquerading as a journalist ITK. The story then gathered pace/grew legs as the blogs took up the baton. Both Levy and Pochettino were later asked if they would allow Lloris and Kane to leave THFC and Join ManU. They both answered with a resounding NO. Cast your minds back a few years if you can to Modric to Chelsea and a year or so later Bale to ManU. What was the outcome then? Both were sold to Real Madrid after Levy dug his heels in regarding selling the clubs best players to what he regards as competition for Champions league places. Gone are the Berbatov, Carrick days the media like to regurgitate. The French media also became involved with the fanthom buy out clause in Lloris’s contract which proved to be complete nonsense. The media are full of Lloris wanting Champions league football, forgetting that he has already played in the competition for Lyon and he may well be sold but I suspect that if he is, it wont be to a club in the EPL. Remember, Spurs are not a poor club and dont need to sell their best keeper since the days of Pet Jennings and later Ray Clements and if Spurs are to progress, will resist selling their best players to competition in the EPL. The story will drag on of course and I could be proven wrong but the media is only guessing as always and they have to churn out stories or rather make them up. We shall see.


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