Spurs presented their new away kit today and it’s one that has split the supporters.

Some are in favour of the blue-striped affair but plenty of others aren’t fans. Here’s how they reacted on Twitter.



  1. i swore I was only getting training tops… no more jerseys……..then they do this….new .away jersey is a blaze of Tottenham glory…….its a thing of beauty,….a piece of spurs art.

  2. It`s a visual monstrosity, absolutely revolting. I swear to god, some of our fans either lack taste/ judgement, or they don`t have the brains they were born with. Hideous.

  3. I think some of us are forgetting this is a football kit and the main purpose of this is to give our team a uniformity and define our players from the opposition which I think this does. New away kit looks smart and is better than the purple kits (in my opinion) but is not as nice as the black kit of last season. At the end of the day this is our teams kit and we should get behind it and support it. If you don’t like it then don’t buy it. Get the home kit.


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